God is against pacifism

There is a lot of controversy over whether it was right for America to drop the atomic bombs on Japan in World War II. Some believe it was cruel to kill innocent people such as children and we should have only attacked military sites. Others argue that it shortened the war. Some people are pacifists and say not only should we not have dropped the bombs but no one should kill another person, even in self defense. Pacifists do not believe in police forces or the military. They interpret Jesus as being a pacifist and quote his statement that we are turn the cheek. God and Jesus and the Third Adam are against pacifism. They want good to defend itself against evil. God was on the side of America and not only condoned the dropping of the atomic bombs on Japan, He worked to inspire the building of them. Many people are even against nuclear power. God is for it.

America has often failed to be a good Abel to those nations in the Cain position. Nevertheless, the Cain nations are required to unite anyway. America has sacrificed many men who fought for good all over the world. There are many thousands of graves of boys who gave their life for freedom. Unfortunately, America, especially its leaders, have often not been sacrificial and righteous enough. Americans are often too isolationistic. It was wrong for America to wait so long to enter World War I and II. Tragically, it failed to even declare Korea or Vietnam a war and lost half of Korea and all of Vietnam to the Cain Communist nations.

Christian leaders have not always understood the amount of sacrifice needed to fight Satan. They have, like so many on God's side, failed to have the guts and heart and will to fight evil. Liberals were wrong in fearing President Reagan who revitalized America's military after the terrible years of decline under President Carter. God is on the side of the conservatives represented by the Republicans and Satan works mainly through the liberals represented by the Democrats. Abel is often not aggressive enough or sometimes even fails completely such as when the Republican Party went against President Clinton when he sent troops to stop the rape and killing in Bosnia. America is the world's policeman. Polls showed Americans were basically against Clinton's decision, but God was working through him to push America to do God's will and sacrifice. This is one reason why he was reelected a few years later. Americans need leadership and they will respond if led correctly, even unconsciously.

Those on God's side must not be timid in dying for freedom. The twentieth century has been so tragic because of the weakness of America, England and other nations to stand up to evil at its beginning stages. America was weak in sending soldiers to help the White Army fight Lenin's Red Army for the three years after the Russian Revolution in 1917. (In my book, 1920, I go into detail of how we abandoned the forces of good in Russia.) God wanted Americans to give their lives and give up living a luxurious selfish life and sacrifice internationally. By studying the Divine Principle and Sun Myung Moon's words and life we can now know clearly what we must do to fight Satan. The Messiah is on earth working tirelessly round the clock to teach America and the world its responsibility. He is teaching what is true spirituality. God is asking us to be champions for him by not just fighting evil with guns, but to win it with love, too. In some cases though we must resort to using force against evil people. We need to have a strong police and military and to use firm force when needed. The Messiah wants to then turn around and win those in the Cain position with massive love and to teach them God's way of life. Good must not fight with revenge. America was wrong when it persecuted Germans and Japanese who were living in America during the World Wars, but it was right when it served Germany and Japan selflessly by helping to rebuild their nations after we had bombed them.

History has been a continuous battle between God and Satan fighting for dominion of the world. God will eventually win, but history has been so tragic because Satan has attacked so much and so many people have shed blood. Satan's side respects strength. Before we can win them we need to first be strong and willing to use force against force quickly and decisively. Because America and other Abel nations were wimps like Chamberlain was when he didn't stand up to Hitler and Wilson didn't support the White Army in Russia's civil war, fascism and communism just got worse and then many millions of people had to die and millions more be enslaved.

By understanding this we can begin to walk the line between weakness and arrogant cruelty. By understanding the Divine Principle we can understand the past as well. The Bible becomes clear. The official Unification Church book on the Principle, Exposition of the Divine Principle says,"When the Israelites were about to leave Egypt ..., Satan worked through the Pharaoh to wage a bitter struggle to keep them in bondage. By virtue of this, God's side was entitled to strike him with three super-natural signs. Similarly, in the Last Days, Satan has been putting up his last struggle to undermine God's side .... God's three counterattacks to Satan's aggressions have manifested themselves as the three world wars." Mankind must make what the Messiah calls indemnity conditions. God's people must pay the price for freedom from Satan. For some that sacrifice will be the total sacrifice of giving their lives in war.

In the Exposition of the Divine Principle we read,"whether or not an individual or nation belongs to God's side or Satan's side is not always in agreement with the judgment of our common sense or conscience." If we are"ignorant of God's providence" then we will be moved by Satan to make the wrong decisions. Many people, for example, misunderstand the Bible. The Principle book says,"the Israelites invaded the land of Canaan and killed many Canaanites seemingly without much justification. To someone ignorant of God's providence, their action might seem evil and cruel; nevertheless, it was just in the sight of God. Even if there were more good-hearted people among the Canaanites than among the Israelites, at that time the Canaanites collectively belonged to Satan's side, while the Israelites collectively belonged to God's side."

The same argument could be used to explain the tragic story of the American Indian. They were supposed to unite with White settlers who were on God's side. God's plan was to build a powerful Christian nation. The Indians did not own this country. God owns it, and He was behind the Europeans coming with Christianity. Of course, we all know that they were not all Christians and many Christians did not always fulfill their role of being good Abels. Because of this, it is easy to throw the baby out with the bathwater and focus too much on the crimes of Abel. Christianity is the Abel religion for the last 2000 years and other religions and beliefs should have united with it instead of fighting it. Now the Unification Church has the Abel religion and Christianity should unite with it instead of trying to kill it. America needs to stop persecuting the Third Adam and follow him. Satan whispers in most people's ears to fear the side of good. Abel must defend itself, but it needs to understand to use only persuasion to get its truth out and not use force to make people do right. God is behind efforts to limit government so it won't use force to make people do what those in power think is right. At the same time, God is behind a strong, active military to fight force with force.

Women are often more inclined than men to be pacifists. Men must be strong and fight the isolationistic and pacifist ways of women. America needs to support our troops in places such as South Korea where we have at this printing 37,000 soldiers ready to help fight the Cain North Korea. In the event of war America should win a victory and take control of North Korea and force the nation to accept democracy and vote for peace loving leaders. President Bush did not do this in Iraq after he won the Gulf War and evil continued. It was right that General MacArthur forced democracy on the Japanese people after World War II. America is not to initiate violence but if good is attacked, then those evil men who start the fighting must be fought with total victory. President Truman weakened during the Korean War and lost North Korea to Kim Il Sung. MacArthur was in the Abel position and wanted total victory. Because of Truman's weakness, millions of people were doomed to slavery in the North, including the family of the Messiah. The purpose of the Korean War was to free the Messiah from a death camp. The Principle explains why there have been so many wars in the twentieth century. It's the final showdown between God and Satan. These are the last days. World War II was Armageddon. Satan's goal is genocide. God's goal is for men to be good Samaritans, not gutless wimps. The Messiah comes to fight evil. God is hoping that the Messiah would be protected, but he was beaten until near death because he helped the underground against the brutal Japanese tyranny when he was a boy and then tortured by the Communists in North Korea. The Messiah is so grateful for General MacArthur for saving his life, he made a movie costing 100 million dollars in today's money called Inchon in honor of one of the greatest military events in history, if not all of history. The Messiah caused Reagan to become President and saved Reagan's life when he was shot so he could go on to strengthen our military and America's will to fight communism. Then the Messiah embraced President Gorbachev and became his friend. Father has said that he couldn't join the military because of his special mission to be everyone's parent, but he said he wishes he could have because it is one of the most honorable things a man can do. (I don't have that quote in front of me, but if you find it please send it to me so I can give the actual quote.) Father praised George Washington by saying it was like David against Goliath and like David he only won because God was with him.

America must see with spiritual eyes, with international eyes and not be so quick to see many conflicts around the world as simply civil wars that are none of our business and with the attitude that we do not have the resources to come in and act like parents and stop the fighting and build peaceful democracies. During this time of restoration we are called to sacrifice. We are called to stretch ourselves to the maximum. We must be bold and courageous and not misunderstand that Jesus and all true saints for God use violent measures sometimes. The peace movements against U.S. involvements are of Satan. Jesus said he did not come with peace, but a sword. Sometimes that is a literal sword. Mainly, though, we must fight with words and never take a vacation or retire from fighting. We have to fight the good fight. To be sensitive means that we must not be adverse to blood. Millions of people believe animals shouldn't be killed for food. They are wrong. Hunting and fishing are spiritual. Of course we have to hunt and fish correctly. Our brave police officers have to be careful to use force properly but too often well-meaning but naive people have hurt their efforts to get the bad guys because of judges and lawmakers who are sometimes too soft on criminals.

Father said in his interview with Frederich Sontag in his book Sun Myung Moon and the Unification Church that it is God's will to fight back when attacked. Sontag asks Father what he thinks about his image that many"are fearful because they think the movement will resort to a militaristic posture and that you will command your members to go out with guns. What do you say about condoning force or violence to attain your goals?"

Father responds:"It's been God's principle never to attack first. God never attacks first. Evil and Satan always take initiative and try to destroy, but the heavenly side has the responsibility to defend itself." Having said that he goes on to say the Church is not focused on the military, but on education:"I preach our movement as essentially nonviolent and nonmilitaristic. Our movement has the greatest weapon -- if you use that word -- truth. We also have the greatest target: the human heart." He says"We are conquerors by love, conquerors by truth, but not by violence, not by weapons." He says that"Communism is trying to take the world by force. But God will take the world by love. We must become the embodiment of this love." He ends by saying that he is not interested in being a political leader but he supports those leaders, such as the President of Korea, in being anti-Communist and for having a strong military:"I have never met President Park ... Yet In principle, I support a strong defense, and an absolute anti-Communist policy."

Gutless conservatives

Conservatives have wimped out. David Frum is an example of this isolationistic stance the Republicans have taken. In What's Right, he says in a chapter titled"Not This Quagmire,""Liberia, Somalia, Bosnia, Haiti, Rwanda. Since the end of the Cold War, the Western world has been confronted with a series of human disasters that seem to demand our help. And yet, when we do help -- as we did in Somalia -- the results disappoint everyone. What ought people of conscience to think?" Because the Republicans did not support President Clinton in sending troops to Somalia, there was disunity and this is what probably causes most failures.

Frum writes,"Our moral duty is clear: we must do what we can. If it is in our power to deliver food and water to people who would otherwise suffer and die, we must. But another thing is clear too: our duty to help is limited." He goes on to say that we cannot be the world's policeman. In Africa, he says, for example, we should"wait the decades it may take for the Africans to" quit killing themselves and learn to live peacefully. In the meantime we should send some food when millions are starving because they are refugees, but even then our efforts are limited and many innocent people will die. He says we must not send troops and"enforce peace" by taking control of the country and appointing"a new government made up of the least-bloodthirsty people in the country, recruit, arm, and train a new army for the new government, and leave Western troops there for whatever length of time it took the new authorities to consolidate their rule."

Thank God there were more sacrificial men years ago to fight Hitler and Kim Il Sung. Are conservatives going to defend South Korea if attacked? Thank God we have troops there already and have a history of commitments to help them. As for everywhere else, the Republicans have wimped out. Perhaps this is the reason why Clinton got elected and reelected in spite of the massive efforts of the Washington Times. I don't know. But I was pleased to see Clinton send Secretary of Defense Perry to South Korea to give the message that we will fight the North Koreans if they attack after a spy submarine from North Korea was found in the South. The Korean people are always on alert and this scared everyone because it is a tactic of North Korea to send an advance crack team of assassins to prepare the way for war.

Clinton may be disgusting as he goes around dropping his pants for a woman named Paula Jones who is trying to take him to court and having his wife lead the charge to socialize medicine, but he seems to have the guts and heart to be a good Samaritan. Martin Luther King was an adulterer, but Father said he was the greatest man of the twentieth century for the good he did. Until North Korea comes to its senses, let's pray that the Commander-in-chief is someone who will fight even though the polls say the majority of Americans side with the feminist ideology of being isolationistic. One of the most moving scenes I have ever seen in a movie is when Laurence Olivier played MacArthur in Father's movie, Inchon. After Kim Il Sung had invaded South Korea in 1950 MacArthur stood in front of a map and waved his hand over the top of Korea and said,"They're dead." Then he proceeded to plan on Inchon that would take place later. We have to be like surgeons sometimes and not let the suffering of others get us down as we go for a future victory. It will take time to raise the Republican conservatives as well as the Democrat liberals to a higher level so they can understand that we are to sacrifice more. Women, especially, have to be educated. They are the real force behind the men wimping out. Men must stand up to the well-meaning women and act with strength to overthrow evil rulers when they attack others. It was right to impose democracy on Japan after they bombed us at Pearl Harbor. God bless President Clinton for stopping the raping of tens of thousands of women in Bosnia, even though the Republicans and feminists hated him for doing it.

Father talks of power

Father is the wisest man who has ever lived. The longer I live the more I see the wisdom of Father. I think it was in Mortimer J. Adler's How to Read a Book that he said a great writer is different when you are 20 years old than when you are 40 years and different when you are 60. As we mature and grow, the classics don't change, we do and we come to admire them more or see them as less. I noticed that as I get older Father is the same, but I grow and find him greater. Mark Twain said,"When I was a boy of fourteen, my father was so ignorant I could hardly stand to have the old man around. But when I got to be twenty-one, I was astonished at how much he had learned in seven years."

What does Father say about power? He says after searching for the"great principles of the universe" he discovered that the greatest power in the universe is the"power of our Heavenly Father" and that power is"manifested by the True Parents of earth":" As a youth, I was called upon by God to investigate the great principles of the universe. As I searched, through prayer and study, I came to discover the great truth humankind has been seeking throughout history, and the great Principle through which all humanity can return to true love and consummate true world peace."

"Human will power alone is not enough in today's decadent world to return to the original order of true love as desired by God. We may only return through the power of our Heavenly Father, and His power is manifested by the True Parents on earth."

The power of True Parents is the power of love. They bring"the original order of true love."

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