Rev. Moon is accused by his critics of wanting to take over the world and create a fascist state like Hitler created.


We write in our book, Why Rome Fell, how dangerous it is for people and the state to attack new and minority religions. The Jews, the Romans, the Holy Roman Empire, and England lost their nation's position of power in God's eyes because they attacked God's messengers. The worst thing America has ever done is jail Sun Myung Moon. But America is also filled with so much goodness and has helped to make up for this monumental injustice. The Reagan administration was in power when Moon went through his inquisition and jailed. George Bush was the Vice President then. Years later President Reagan thanked Rev. Moon in public for all the good he has done for America and George Bush along with his wife, Barbara, traveled throughout Japan with Mrs. Moon on a speaking tour. This shocked not only Japan, but the rest of the world. This kind of public support by President Bush and many other leaders in government, academics and religion give mankind hope that there will not be the tragic consequences mankind has suffered because of mankind's history of relentless religious persecution.

Critics of Rev. Moon misread his critical comments of democracy to mean he is against it and wants a theocracy ruled by a divine right of kings all descended from the Moon family. They constantly bring up one sentence that has the word theocracy in it from an extemporaneous speech he gave to some members in the early 1970s when he first arrived in America. In our book, Unification Church, an Apology -- Persecution from Jesus to Sun Myung Moon, we go into detail explaining the word theocracy was a mistranslation from his interpreter. What anyone will read in all the speeches of Rev. Moon is his focus on the family and his total focus in men/women relationships. He is for democracy and limited government. His followers have made that clear also. The official text, The Exposition of the Divine Principle, says that democracy is God's politics.

Tyler Hendricks

Dr. Tyler Hendricks, the president of the Unification Church in America, wrote an article in the Church newspaper clearly reiterating the Church's position on democracy. Anti Moon writers such as Steve Hassan simply can't read the church literature and see what is right in front of them. They accuse of the church of being brainwashed zombies, when it is they who can't think clearly. At a website by a former angry German member, Ingo Michehl, he has a headline that says "Unificationism/Moonism -- A Threat to Democracy, Freedom and Families." Sadly he never understood when he was a member what in the world the church was trying to do. His leaders apparently worked him too hard and he left with the impression he had been caught up in some kind of authoritarian militia like Hitler had.

Let's look at what Dr. Hendricks says in his public message. You will not hear Ingo and Steve Hassan tell anyone these words. They pick and choose what they want to make their case that falls apart because they take everything out of context.

Tyler's article is in the April 1989 issue of the Unification News. The title is "Some Political Implications of the Divine Principle." He writes, "For some critics of the goals of the Unification Movement, the Kingdom of God reduces to 'automatic theocracy.' The term does not appear in Divine Principle (DP), the Unification Church's (UC) official teaching. DP gives some rough idea of the political structure of the Kingdom, though more as an aside, and not as a prescription." The philosophical side of the DP called Unification Thought has never had a chapter on national economics and politics. Rev. Moon has spent over a billion dollars on the Washington Times that is a conservative alternative to the Washington Post. He and his followers consistently support the efforts of those Christians conservatives who strive to stop the socialist, feminist secular left from continuing to ruin America.

The official teachings (DP) also state emphatically that totalitarianism is satanic. Tyler writes, "Let it be clarified that DP speaks against 'totalitarianism (which denies) equality and freedom of individuality,' categorizing it as 'Cain-type' and detrimental to the full development of human potential and the accomplishment of God's will (DP 467). If "Cain-type' throws you off, refer to Augustine's 'city of man:' that is something akin to what we mean by 'Cain-type.' American democracy represented a 'victory over absolutism' for the sake of 'freedom of faith.' DP approves the 'Peoples Pact, resisting the king (1640' and the Puritan Revolution, as well as the revolution of 1688 -- all precedents for the American Revolution in spirit and ideology."

"Further, DP explicitly terms the separation of powers, 'to decentralize national power and prevent it from being concentrated in a specific individual or organization,' as the basis for 'the structure of the ideal society" (DP 469)." Dr. Hendricks goes on to say, "Divine Principle approves the structure of democracy; it is the spirit of the people which is the problem." ... The ideal of the Messiah's second advent, which Rev. Moon is pursuing, is not to create a new political system, but rather to do all he can to center the present system, democracy, upon God's will (DP 471)."

"'Separation between religion and politics' is not be distinguished from 'separation of church and state.' Rev. Moon stated in the Hatch hearings that he 'fundamentally supports the separation of church and state.' Relationship between religion and politics means having a value orientation to the political life of the nation, with the value system based on religion, which presupposes the existence of God. Do we not refer to the US as 'one nation under God'? Does that not directly implicate a relationship between religion and politics in our country?" In other words, the UC is trying to restore some of the teachings of the Founding Father's views of religion and state. Tyler Hendricks ends by saying, "DP exalts the dignity of the individual far more than does traditional Christianity."

Hugh Spurgin

In the same issue of UNews, there is an article that is an interview of Hugh Spurgin. He is an early American member who has always held top leadership positions. At the time of this writing he is the Vice President of the Church. He has a Ph.D from Columbia University in American History. His remarks are typical of what leaders say about America. They love America, and are working to make America live up to the ideals of its founders. Spurgin says, "As Unificationists, we want our children to grow up without racial and cultural biases. Thus, we have encouraged them to study several languages and cultures while they are young. We want them to love and respect people from many different races, cultures, and creeds." What does this statement have to do with Hitler and his hatred of other races? Nothing. Yet, the church is constantly attacked as being racist. Hitler wrote in Mein Kampf, "Hence today I believe that I am acting in accordance with the will of the Almighty Creator: by defending myself against the Jew, I am fighting for the work of the Lord." Anti-Moon people sound like Hitler when they say they are on a crusade of "defending" themselves from the "megalomaniac" Moon and his members who are seen as Nazi SS troops. Those who fight Moon are like the liberals fighting the Boy Scouts who speak out for America and against homosexuality. Liberals are wrong in seeing the Scouts as evil bigots and wrong in taking them to court. So are the Anti-Moon people.

Love America

Dr. Spurgin ends his interview for all the church to read about his love for America. He says, "As an American, I believe in my nation, and I have great hope for it. America has great ideals. Although we have not always lived up to those ideals in the past, we should do so in the future."

"Following the Revolutionary War, with the adoption of the Constitution and Bill of Rights we set up a new form of government that was unique in terms of the history of the world. However, there were mistakes made by the Founding Fathers, especially the failure to condemn slavery." I would add that Washington made a terrible mistake in pushing for isolationism and Jefferson made a tragic mistake in joining the State to education when he started the University of Virginia. They meant well but the results have been tragic. Overall they were geniuses and great men. But we must build on their legacy.

Spurgin continues saying, "Because of that failure (slavery), the Civil War was fought in the 1860's to emancipate the black slaves who were not originally liberated by the Constitution. Then, unfortunately, after the Civil War we failed to live up to our ideals of creating an interracial democracy, but had Jim Crow laws and discrimination instead. Therefore, in our own day we need to make a more determined effort to fulfill the ideal of an interracial nation comprised of all kinds of people able to love and respect others. Our nation is a microcosm of the world in which every type of person lives. Our challenge is to integrate all the various races, nationalities, cultures and creeds into one community of peace and harmony."

These kind of words are straight out of the Boy Scout Manual. Rev. Moon wants the American members to be law-abiding and patriotic to America. Spurgin writes, "Rev. Moon's vision of love and unity is able to provide the basis for a reinvigoration of the original idea of our Founding Fathers, but goes beyond it, inspiring people to live up the highest standards possible. Spending time personally with the Rev. Moon has been the greatest, most wonderful experience of my life. He really cares about God, people, America, and the world. I am grateful to him, Mrs. Moon, and their family. I am proud to be a member of the Unification Church and to follow such a leader at the Rev. Moon." The point we want to make here is that he mentions the word "democracy" as being God's way.


Republic of Heaven

Bruce Casino wrote an excellent article called Thoughts on Unification Theology and Democracy: The Republic of Heaven on Earth?  He began by quoting Rev. Moon:  "True Democracy is the way to win over dictatorship and personality cults.  We find in Abraham's Lincoln's speech the eternal truth 'a government of the people, by the people, and for the people shall not perish from the earth.'  The democratization of our nation is, therefore, the topmost priority." ("Citizen's Federation for the Unification of the Fatherland: Founder's Address" May 15, 1987). These thoughts on democracy are missing from the writings of critics who are blind to the truth. Our reason in writing our books is to counter the lies of the media and the lies of writers like the former member Steve Hassan and academics like Margaret Singer and Robert Jay Lifton. Someday the DP will be a household word and we hope our books will help people see the truth.


The former member, Craig Maxim, writes at this website that he sees two Unification Churches - the phony public one that talks idealistically and the dangerous hidden one that is a Hitler-like germ that must be destroyed. He is wrong. Rev. Moon and the church may criticize democratic countries for not living up to the ideals of the Founders, but there is no strong voice for a divine right of kings. The Messiah has been called King of Kings, but Moon has repeatedly said he has no interest in having a political position. The Messiah's role is to teach and counsel about how to have ideal families. Politics is secondary. Rev. Moon supports conservatives over liberals, but that does not mean he believes everything the conservatives believe. God is bigger than the Republican Party. The liberal Democrats sometimes are right and the Republicans are wrong. In 1999 the Christian Right was wrong in not supporting Clinton when he committed America to bomb the evil tyrant in the Balkans.


Rev. Moon's teachings are most revolutionary of all. He goes beyond Kant and Jefferson and gives the truth that will set mankind free of its small thinking. He brings the blueprint for bringing world unity. Part of that blueprint is democracy. Critics of Moon are wrong in thinking he is a Hitler or Stalin who cares nothing for people and loves only the state. It is wrong to interpret Rev. Moon as being against the individual because he speaks against individualism. He is trying to teach that the family and nation and world must be honored more than selfish gain.

Critics jump off a cliff and land in some swamp when they write that Moon does not care for individual growth or happiness. That is what communists did. The individual is not sacred in communism. The family is not sacred either. Satan loves totalitarianism which crushes the individual. God loves each person so he is for democracy. Moon may appear to be a communist because he does things that look like he doesn't care of individual happiness. He is fighting a war and built his organization to act like an army. But that is not the future. Even now he has sent many members to their home towns and talks constantly of how he does not like bureaucracy. Critics like Hassan, Michehl and Maxim experienced the growing pains of a new movement that was like a salvation army. But God's way is not an army. But in times of war, people often have to leave their home and act what appears to be irrational. Roosevelt had to mobilize the nation in WW2. Now that communism is on the decline, Rev. Moon is now spending more time with his children as well as many members. It was an emergency time. Now we fight Satan by living a superior lifestyle than anyone else. As the members do this, the church will grow faster than the Mormons who lead the America in religious conversions. The Mormons today look very different from the Mormons who founded their church. So will the Unificationists.


In the book, God is a Conservative, the author says that America has declined because women left the home to work and "Consequently, their children received less parental guidance and little religious instruction. Taking the place of parent and church -- traditionalists feared -- were pot-smoking peers and a hedonistic media culture." The result was that "families fell apart and the white illegitimacy rate climbed throughout the seventies."

"According to social conservatives, many ministers were unwilling to condemn divorce and illegitimacy." Ministers were digested by this culture. "Chicago Tribune columnist Andrew Greely bluntly wrote that the liberal clergy had failed God. Where could teenagers who were thinking about becoming sexually active turn for moral direction? Who could comfort the child of divorce, or provide wholesome recreational activities to children whose parents were still at work when the children came home from school? Greely's emphatic answer was not the Episcopalian or Presbyterian churches: 'If such cultists as Sun Myung Moon [the head of the controversial Unification Church] have so much following it is precisely because so many of the offspring of upper-middle-class Protestantism have discovered that the local church doesn't stand for anything at all, except what the local pastor picks up from the New York Times Op-Ed page, The Christian Century, or the New York Review of Books.'

"Conservative clergy and laity sought to fill this moral void."

Greely wrote his article in 1976. The UC declined in gaining members since then because it did not do as the Mormon did -- embrace a conservative lifestyle. It continued to embrace an army lifestyle and tragically died. If they had given up their military lifestyle, then Ingo would have stayed in the church and be living a normal life instead of writing how he was abused because he was told that God's way was for him to fundraise for 6 years. If he would have been patient he would now be living as he does now. Most members are not very smart and Rev. Moon can only get them motivated to do PR work. Someday they will get the dream back and become super Mormons who teach the traditional values we write of in this book. As we write this, the members are going through a phase of building careers and families. Eventually they will give up the socialist/feminist garbage that has infiltrated the group. This is why we wrote this book. We want them to become greater than Mormons. Mormons have a deeper understanding of true family values than most Unificationists have. One of the key values we pray they will see is democracy, rule of law, and how sacred each person is.


Bush is right, but he does not have enough "ideals" to unite mankind. Rev. Moon has brought the ideology to unite mankind into a "true community." That truth is a religious truth. Democracy and capitalism are part of it, but mankind needs more if it is to create world peace.


I hope the University of Bridgeport will create one. God and True Parents want UC brothers to be greater leaders than the Founding Fathers. UC brother's 5% responsibility is to give inspiring vision and goals and effective strategy to accomplish those goals. Father has done all one can do. He wants us to be small messiahs. We are supposed to be the leading business, political, academic and social leaders. Leaders have power. God wants UC brothers to be the most powerful people on earth. God is not all powerful on this earth. Satan rules. UC brothers must take Satan's power away. The way to do this is to expose him. It is the UC's prime mission to teach the Divine Principle -- the most powerful ideology in the world -- an ideology that has the power to unite this world as one family.

Currents debates the issue

Father rarely comments on all the political issues hotly debated in Congress and at people's dinner tables. Father and the Divine Principle book focus on the Bible. The Bible says very little about politics and economics. Father is giving us that job. Dan Fefferman in an issue in Currents (1990) writes that the UC has focused so much on anti-Communist work that it neglected to address other issues. He writes, "in the midst of our anti-Communist efforts, we have not yet taken the time to carefully define our own positions on domestic policy issues .... when we look around ourselves now, and we ask 'What do we Unificationists believe about the issues?' -- abortion, affirmative action, the budget, the courts, deficit spending, drugs, education, the environment, foreign aid, the military, monetary policy, pornography, prayer in schools, taxes, trade policy, welfare -- we find our social vision still somewhat unclarified .... it is essential that we begin to define our positions on the entire range of social concerns which affect this country and the world if we are to retain the vital prophetic character of Unificationism as a religious and social movement .... If we do not [have] a clear understanding of where we as a movement stand on the issues, we will be led by practically anyone with vision and commitment on his or her own issues of most intimate concern .... [there is an] urgency for the movement to begin taking the 'bull by the horns' in terms of the self-definition of Unificationist social theory. In the spirit of what Unificationists call the 'Children's Course' it is up to us, ourselves, to accomplish this work. We cannot afford to let others do it for us."

Hot topics

When people learn that the messiah is on earth they need to have clear answers and clear direction. The value of patriarchy is one of the major ones. There are many minor questions that need to be answered too. Many people are focused on them. For example, millions of people are obsessed with vegetarianism. We can't just say that Father goes hunting and fishing and show them a picture of Father and Mother holding a shotgun in one hand and a goose in the other. They need a detailed written statement that goes into the arguments that dedicated vegetarians read in the magazine Vegetarian Times.

The UC needs to answer such questions people have about capital punishment. I am against it because Jesus and other innocent people have been killed this way. Some people are fanatics about nudist camps. We have to explain how God is for modesty. Some people have questions about alcohol. We need a detailed written explanation. Seventh Day Adventists are fanatics about the day Saturday. Is it all right to use chemicals such as pesticides on plants? Do pets go to heaven? If we don't know we should at least say so. Our values and answers should be written in every language and every member thinks the same. Are there people on other planets? Carl Sagan pushes this point in his series of videos called Cosmos. I heard from a person who attended the first seminary class at Barrytown who said someone asked Father that question and he said, "We're it." Which came first -- the chicken or the egg? Someone once told me that he heard from someone who heard from someone else (telephone game?) that Father said the chicken came first. How many elders have heard Father answer these kinds of questions and haven't written them down? Is long hair, mustaches and earrings wrong for men? Is it wrong to swear? Do we spank our children? Father seems to say it is alright. But how do we do it? With our hand only? At what age do we stop? Do we use a belt? What words and tone do we use? John Roseman has a whole book on this hot topic. What are the guidelines for punishment in our schools? What about punishment in general? What do we do with people who do wrong?



One of the most heated debates today is the abortion issue. Bruce Casino is correct when he wrote in the Spring issue of Currents in an article called"Suggestions on Unificationist Social Policy": "Unificationists must reject the radical pro-life view held by many conservatives, that the law should prohibit all abortion since abortion is the murder of a human being." He goes on to explain how we believe that life begins with the first breath. Conservatives are not right about everything and on this issue they should not make abortions illegal. This does not mean that abortion is good. It just means that it should not be against the law.


Power, money and knowledge

Father often says people think power, money and knowledge are the most precious things, but love, life and ideal are more important. Even so, Father wants us to have power, money and knowledge. This chapter is about power and this word will come up many times. Father wants us to have God centered power. He wants us to have money and knowledge, too. But, it too, must be God centered. A popular motivational speaker, Anthony Robbins, has a book called Unlimited Power. He explains that he does not mean negative power like Hitler had, but the positive power to take massive action to fulfill your dreams. As the proverb goes," He who gains victory over other men is strong; but he who gains victory over himself is all powerful." Father has given us the ultimate ideal and we need to have the power to persuade this world by our words and deeds to join us. One of the biggest obstacles to this is people's thinking that government should have more power than churches, that secular is more powerful than religious. Satan has tricked practically everyone into believing that the government is the messiah. I hope to convince you it is not. Governments have tortured and imprisoned Father -- even in America. The Founding Fathers wanted to diffuse power to the community. Each man was to wield his power in the home and in politics with discipline. Today Presidents have more influence than religious leaders and look at the mess they have made of their families and the country. The Third Blessing is about living in an ideal world. Just as we need a written, detailed blueprint to build a house, we need a written, detailed constitution and laws to build a beautiful, harmonious world. The UC has some powerful new ideas to lift this world to the Completed Testament Stage. The main one being that the True Parents have completed their mission of building the first True Family. But the UC does not have a monopoly on truth. God has revealed some of His truth through others.


Rev. Moon believes that the best economic system is Free Enterprise. The other name for free enterprise is capitalism. He made a strong statement on economics to the Soviet Union when communism fell. He gave an interview to the Soviet newspaper, Za rubezhom, saying, "I would like to encourage the efforts you are making in business and commerce, to develop a wider-based individual incentive system. When people are stimulated, they are inclined to work hard and produce more. This is the secret of success of the free enterprise systems."