Many men are so demoralized by the feminist culture we live in that they are taking out their frustration in unhealthy ways. Many have given up trying to be the sole provider for their family because they have been brainwashed that it is impossible. Prof. Tiger gives three tragic things many men do in our sick feminized society -- pornography, sports and drugs. "What happens ... when their relations with women are set within a new context of unclear rules and sharp sanctions? ... I suggest that among others, there have been three large-scale behavioral responses by men to their new situation: sports, drugs, and pornography. In these milieus men try to replace what they experienced before or what they think their ancestor males experienced before them. All three have burgeoned into huge businesses. They have grown and prospered at the same time as the experiences they mimic have been curtailed."

Millions of men are looking at pornography. "They watch displays of female nudity and provocative action. They buy magazines and videos and surf the Internet for sexual imagery. They drink costly beer in public places where they watch dancers expose their breasts and sometimes their genitalia." He says that the "wealthiest man in England used to be the Duke of Westminster" but now it is Paul Raymond who owns porn shops. "According to a 1997 report from The Economist, the Internet's 'chief early colonization is by the erotic. The Playboy Entertainment site receives five million 'hits' a day ... In the United States half of the revenue for pay-per-view films in hotel rooms is for 'adult entertainment.' The emphasis is overwhelmingly on films catering to male fantasies."

Sports fanatics

"ordinary men focus their often intense and unremitting attention on athletes, who are their surrogate performers in a complicated world of contest, personalities, and skill. ... Newspapers have always devoted large amounts of space to sports results, often as much as business and economic news. Fans journey to sports auctions and spend a week's salary for an item of banal sports memorabilia. Each arena and stadium sells products related to the home team and game -- close cousins to the facilities near famous churches and shrines that stock items of religiosity." Famous athletes "are among the best-known people on the planet, indeed in history."

He says what drives "the industry of sports" is "something subtler, more interior, more psychologically complex" than money. "It addresses a need, an interior experience related to overt changes in the lives of fans. The core of it is that games and play and teams and heroes are real while real life itself is muffled and buffered." Tiger is an anthropologist and likes to get into evolution and see people as being descended from ape men. That is not why guys like sports so much. It is really very simple. They like to watch a group of men compete against another group of men. They honor and respect those men who are champions. The rest of their miserable life is battling it out with women at work and home. Many women resent men for being so obsessed with games but it is the last place where men strive together for a goal. If America had not mixed men and women in the 20th century and honored men's role of provider and being a member of men's clubs, then men would get their kicks from being good patriarchs in their families who provide and protect women.

Men have gotten progressively weaker in the 20th century until we ended up with Bill Clinton defiling the Oval Office and polls saying the majority of Americans did not like the efforts of the Republicans to impeach him. Men can only talk about sports or hunting because that is the only place there are no women. They can't talk about the work of the world because they will be fired from their job if they say something politically incorrect. Masculinity has been boiled to death like the proverbial frog boiled to death slowly in a pot.

Men find some kind of satisfaction in pornography because they see women totally submissive. Their wives are just roommates who will leave at the drop of a hat if she doesn't like what he does. God made men to have ambition and aggressively go after goals, because it takes guts and drive to build a career. God made women to be soft and homey to make the home a refuge.


A home should be a base camp from which a man can leave and climb to success and come back to rest and get recharged. But many men's base camp is a mess because his wife is competing with him and trying to climb the dangerous heights with him. Because of this, marriages are disintegrating and children have little love in the base camp.

Today, countless men find home in a bar watching ESPN. Sadly, it gets worse everyday because men are weaker every day. Lionel Tiger hasn't got a clue to exactly why males are declining ,and he has no solution. I do. Sun Myung Moon does. Ignore Father's push for women in Congress and State legislatures. Focus on his many politically incorrect statements and look at how macho he is. If we take the logic that a woman should be the Commander-in-Chief, then women must be admirals and privates who fight in combat too. Does any one, even the most hard core Unificationist feminist, believe Father is for women in combat?


Tiger says feminists are so out of it they try to fight human nature and push for women to be in combat. The military should be only male, but sadly women now are coming home in body bags and sadder still, everyone nods their head in agreement that this is proper. Thank God there are a few voices for sanity. He writes that many women who served in the Army in "Haiti, Bosnia, the Persian Gulf, ... were interviewed by Laura Miller of the University of California at Los Angeles. They offered firm opinions on females in front-line combat. They explicitly sought restrictions on roles in which they thought women would be at serious mortal risk. They thought their male colleagues would be imperiled, too. Their principal complaint was not with their conditions of employment but with the usually feminist ideologues and politicians who helicoptered in with recipes for other people's lives and then reported back with satisfaction to fellow theorists in Greenwich Village, Georgetown, and congressional offices on Capitol Hill. For an explicit if fatuous and self-satisfied statement of this political position, see Linda Bird Francke's Ground Zero and a severe criticism by UCLA anthropologist Anna Simons." Simons wrote a book The Company They Keep: Life Inside the U.S. Army Special Forces. Her husband is a member of the Special Forces. Sadly, Francke's book and viewpoint prevail in America. Tiger rightly calls the feminist invasion of the military an "Icarus-like avoidance of reality."


Tiger says the ruthless gender police in the military should see they can't fight mother nature. He compares their futile efforts to those socialist/feminist leaders who tried to build the early kibbutz on communist equalitarian ideals. It failed miserably. He writes, "A possible comparison is with the Israeli kibbutz. There the original ideologues, largely male, said parents should not live with their children. First chance they had, women overturned this anti-mammalian fantasy. The military is trying to do with men and women what Israeli kibbutz settlers tried and failed to do with parents and children. ... moral righteousness and scientific error overcomes norms of common sense." If anyone in the military speaks out against the feminizing and emasculating of the military, they are "ridiculed or dismissed."

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