Professor Thompson's male bashing

Dr. Thompson continues his male bashing in an another article (Feb. 1987):"From time immemorial it seems men have put down women." All men? How about the millions of men who gave their life in defense of women? And are women exempt from criticism? Have there ever been men who did God's will and had wives who hindered them? What kind of help did Noah's wife give him as he went out to build a big boat in some place that looks like the wheat fields of Kansas? Father's first wife, if I heard correctly, threw literal human feces at him(I guess it's not spiritual to say the"S" word. But then maybe it is. If it is, let me know and in the next edition I might say it.)

Leaders are supposed to take full responsibility. Men have been leaders so therefore they take full responsibility for everything women may do that looks fallen? I know some women who cannot see any speck in their eye or in any other women's eye and focus on the logs in the eyes of men. Thompson has been digested by Satan's ideology of feminism and like so many liberals fight hard for their beliefs. And they have ruled in this century. Thompson doesn't see women working in the marketplace as"harsh." In fact, it is harsh for men to keep their wives at home. He writes that men hate women, especially their mothers, and"spend the rest of their lives getting even, getting back at mother by beating up their wives, pushing women to the sidelines of 'kitchen, cooking and children,' unaware that they thereby perpetuate the very thing they protest." Men, he says,"refuse to grow up." Human history has been one long nightmare for women who are tortured by men. How many men have died working at dangerous jobs to build a better world for women? How many have been injured as they walked around construction sites, welded bridges hundreds of feet in the air, dug ditches in 110 degree heat to bring water to those homes where women are living a nightmare cooking dinner? I read a story recently of a man who had never missed work for years at his cities natural gas plant. He got some kind of flu bug or something and just had to call in sick that day. On that day his buddies that he had been working with for years were all killed at a site they were working on that day."

Feminists like Thompson are dangerous. They get themselves in position of power in society and then relentlessly brainwash everyone for their diabolical beliefs. Seminaries are really spiritual cemeteries. Thompson says men"through the centuries" have used"brute strength, the strength of the beasts [to] keep the human female in conditions varying from slavery to a 'Doll House' to quote Ibsen." I go on and quote more of his nonsense. Unfortunately, he is not the only person pushing women out of the home and into leadership in business and the church.


Ideal wife in Proverbs 31


Let's look at the Bible's famous explanation of the Ideal Wife in Proverbs 31. Mrs. Pride writes that feminists see this passage as teaching women to have careers"as a real estate salesman, office worker, factory worker, merchant, and who knows what else." She says no one examines the passage"in context." She does. She writes,"We are going to walk through the entire passage, so we can see for ourselves what it says."


A wife of noble character who can find?

She is worth far more than rubies.


"This tells us that the woman who is about to be described is a good example for us to follow."


Her husband has full confidence in her

And lack nothing in value.


"She is not an autonomous feminist following 'individualistic pursuits.' Her husband's needs are her concern, and she works to satisfy them."


She brings him good, not harm,

all the days of her life.


"By implication it is possible for a wife to bring her husband harm. The rest of the passage will tell us how to be good, not harmful, wives."

"Notice how this woman's husband is emphasized. Feminists hate this. They don't want a woman to be identified in terms of her husband and children. But this woman's achievements are stated in just these terms."

She selects wool and flax

And works with eager hands.


"Wool and flax are the two raw ingredients of Mideastern clothing. Nothing careerist about this so far."


She is like the merchant ships,

bringing her food from afar.


"Now the chorus starts. 'She's a merchant!'"A salesman!' 'An able-bodied seaman!'"

"But how is she like the merchant ships? Does she bulge and sit low in the water? Is she covered with two coats of deck paint? This is a simile, not a definition. She is like the merchant ship in particular respect, that of 'bringing her food from afar.'"

"Look at the following context (getting up while it is still dark, staying up late at night at home), and you will see that she does not go in person to Syria or Tarshish on business trips. She is bringing home food, literal food, not a paycheck. Like the merchants, she has scouted out her neighborhood for food offerings of quality and value, and like their ships she carries them home."

"Picture a housewife coming home with bags of food, having stopped off at the supermarket first, then the health food store (because yeast and other bulk items are cheaper there), and the produce market (for fresh fruit and vegetable), and you've got it. This is the picture the passage is trying to convey. Wives who join food co-ops, who trek out monthly to a nearby farm to buy eggs, honey, and grains in bulk, who carefully sift over the radishes before putting any in their shopping basket, who have learned to stretch the dollar farther and buy better food with it -- these are the women this passage commends."


She gets up while it is dark;

She provides food for her family

and portions for her servant girls.


"This wife personally provides the household's food. She has servants for the housework, it seems. Housework is not what staying home is all about.... Today our servants are mostly mechanical: dishwashers, food processors, vacuum cleaners. Thus technology makes homeworking easier for those who can afford these tools, just as male and female servants did in the old days. Paul Hawken, author of The Next Economy, says that every man, woman, and child in America today employs the equivalent of 100 servants through the services of our energy-fueled technology."


She considers a field and buys it;

out of her earnings she plants a vineyard.


"Tell me how buy shoes for your family make you a shoe salesman, and I'll be able to explain to you how buying a vineyard makes this woman a real-estate dealer! Christian magazine articles and books commonly refer to her as such, but this makes no sense. She bought one field for her family's use; she didn't resell it, much less make a career out of buying fields here and there and tooling around on her donkey to show the properties to prospective buyers."

"As for planting a vineyard: Some folks have gotten it into their heads that homeworking means nothing but dishes and diapers. So then, they reason, if Scripture shows a woman doing anything but inside-the-house tasks, that must give us all license to do anything we want to outside the house."

"But houseworking means working on the home estate, not just within the four walls of a house. Housewives from time immemorial have planted gardens in their back yards, or tended truck patches on a portion of the family's forty acres. This was considered household work and rightly so, for the wife never strayed off the family property. Furthermore, she was producing goods under her own supervision, not that of an outside boss."

I am tempted to quote her completely as she goes verse by verse to explain what the ideal wife in Proverbs means. In one passage Proverbs says"She opens her arms to the poor/ and extends her hands to the needy." Mrs. Pride explains how this is charity at home and she has an entire chapter on women's role to help others such as doing charity work. She ends this section of her book saying,"Her husband, her children, and ultimately the whole community praise her. Male patriarchal bias? This passage shows none of it. There is not one negative comment about women in this passage; instead we are told that many women do noble things."

"The men who wrote the Bible weren't prejudiced against women. They didn't call housewives dull drudges and parasites. Who throws around those insults? The feminist movement, which claims to be on our side!"

"Scriptural endorsements of careerist wives? There's not a one."

The Reader's Digest has a column called"That's outrageous" that highlights some of the ridiculous things that government and liberals do. One example is that the federal government printed minted dollars honoring the feminist Susan B. Anthony. No one liked them. So they took them and put them in storage -- all 248 million of them. Then they just them sit there year in, year out. Cost per year to store them: $30,000." Another example of the lunacy of liberals the Reader's Digest showed was about MacArthur Foundation's"genius grants" that are in the range of $300,000. It wrote,"One of this year's 'geniuses' is Susan McClary of U.C.L.A., cited as 'a musicologist who relates the creation of musical works to their social context.' There's a plainer way to say this: she is the feminist in charge of discovering that classical music is full of phallic themes, patriarchal violence, and 'the necessary purging or containment of he female.'"

"Another of Ms. McClary's breakthrough ideas is that Beethoven's Ninth Symphony adds up to non-orgasmic rape. She hears 'the throttling murderous rage of a rapist incapable of attaining release.'"

"This is a far more serious charge against Ludwig than the one by 1994 McArthur winner Adrienne rich, a radical lesbian poet whose verse suggests that Beethoven wasn't thinking about rape in the Ninth Symphony -- he was fretting about impotence." It's a battle out there. We are at war every second of the day. Satan is trying to kill us and he has no conscious, no mercy. In third world countries he works in many ways including kills 40,000 children a day by having them drink putrid water in puddles in front of their shacks. In rich America he works in many ways. One of his most insidious methods is to cause a terrible war of the sexes in which no one wins. UC members must be wise to Satan and not get fooled into thinking that so called radical feminists go too far, but moderate feminists have great insights.

A book all the rage now is Reviving Ophelia by Mary Pipher. She pushes for this insane idea so many have, like Mrs. Rubinstein has, that people can do everything. There are no limits, no boundaries. Be like Captain Kirk of the starship Enterprise and go where no one has gone before. Captain always came out alive. People in real life who live this way don't. Pipher gets her title from a character in Shakespeare's Hamlet who commits suicide, according to Pipher, because of the cruel treatment of Hamlet who is like all men, a vicious, uncaring misogynist. Pipher has a Ph.D. and counsels young girls who have problems in Lincoln, Nebraska. She is a best seller. People Magazine said it was about time we had a guru from Nebraska. The liberals at People magazine are once again wrong. She writes:"An androgynous person can comfort a baby or change a tire, cook a meal or chair a meeting. Research has shown that, since they are free to act without worrying if their behavior is feminine or masculine, androgynous adults are the most well adjusted." Mrs. Andelin teaches women to not change tires. I guess Mary Pipher does. A lot of women are out there changing tires. And that is why there are so many young girls in Pipher's office saying they want to or have tried to commit suicide. Feminist like Pipher are the cause of the problem, not the solution. Pipher is out preaching her garbage and the news media falls all over itself to give her free time. One night I saw her on prime time TV being introduced by Jane Fonda. Please join me to advertize the truth. It's an uphill battle, but we can't just let the Mary Pipher's speak out and then say nothing.

Father repeats over and over that women are objects. On True Parent's Day, April 18, 1996 Father said, "In this world man stands in the position of king. King is subject. Woman is not subject, no matter how proud a position they possess the object cannot control the subject. American women, be careful. Women need to follow behind their husbands. I can feel that American women don't feel so good about that idea. No matter how you may feel, you have to take an opposite way from now on. America needs Divine Principle. This is not Father's viewpoint, this is the divine perspective. You have to know that clearly. Women have wide hips like a cushion whereas man has narrow hips and wide shoulders. So you see they compliment one another; woman is wide at the hips and man is wide at the shoulders. Combined into one they make a square box, a secure foundation."

Some see mother as a career woman and a role model for women to go get jobs and hopefully even lead men at those jobs. I see Mother as being a helper to her husband that Professor Thompson preaches against. At the Tenth ICUS Mother spoke to the women attending the conference. I saw a video of this. She was sweet and feminine. Notice that she spoke to women only. She said,"They say that behind every great man, there is a woman. In this sense, I respect you all very much. You have helped your husbands create many things to help mankind."

"I also try to be a wonderful helper for my husband, Reverend Moon. But it is hard because, as you know, his ideals and goals are very high. Sometimes I wonder how good a job I am doing to help my husband. I never get a report card. If you have a chance to ask him, please do so, and let me know his answer!"

"Anyhow, I gave him twelve lovely children, so I hope he will give me one medal at least." Then she goes on to explain how the family if the most important place in the world. I interpret this as the man leading and the woman following. Others would see it differently, I guess. They would see that Father has given her a career. Some would even read into that Father is"harsh" because Mother said it is as she says,"hard" to follow him. And then he is especially cruel because he doesn't even bother to thank her for it. Some would read into what she says that she is afraid of him. She can't even talk to him. Some would say she is pathetic in that she has to ask others to ask him what he thinks of her and pathetically she hopes he will like her. She isn't. She is dedicated to the mission and joking. She doesn't need constant reassurance that she is doing right.

Thompson reads the Bible and sees misogyny. Antifeminist traditionalists see man's love for women. Some see True Parents and see one thing, others see another. If you're reading this and think there is something in between feminism and traditionalism, think again. There is no center, middle way, new improved completed testament age roles that no one has gone before. You have to make a decision. Either the woman gets a job or not. It's a black and white issue. It doesn't matter that we are in an"emergency situation." Mankind has been in an emergency situation since Adam and Eve. Even during this special time with True Parents on earth, we should not emphasize women earning money and acting like men even if Father has sometimes separated couples and asked women to pioneer. Many of those situations were in the early days when there very married couples and very few members. It's been over forty years and now there are tens of thousands of members and it is ludicrous to think that women should be out competing with men in the marketplace.

Did what Mother say to those women sound like an elder teaching a younger the role of women helping her husband as taught in Titus 2:2-5? Is Mother out with Father in his little boat on the ocean in bad weather? No. She is safe at home. Is Mother driving men to the airport and talking about political science?

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