Mona Charen vs. Ellen Goodman

 Mona Charen is Abel; Ellen Goodman is Cain. Mrs. Charen wrote about her frustation that women, even many Republican women, were bowled over by Clinton and saw him as more attractive instead of putting their thinking cap on and seeing that conservatives are right and liberals are wrong. She wrote: 'We never should have given the women the vote,' grumbled a well-known conservative at a recent Washington D.C. gathering. The pundit was joking-- but the persistent gender gap in polling has led many conservatives to despair about what they perceive as soft-headedness on the part of American women." She goes on to say she is the person "who lamented giving women the vote. I've been frustrated by their credulousness regarding the president and willingness to believe that something with a nice name -- like the Violence Against Women Act -- is necessarily a nice law." She says women need to be educated. This is exactly what the anti-suffragists knew would happen if women got the vote. They would weaken America. Mona Charen says she's joking about women not understanding government. I'm not. With rare exceptions, like Mona Charen, women don't understand government force. The real violence against women act was the 19th amendment that gave women the vote and ushered in a century that has brought more violence to women than any before.

The liberal feminist columnist, Ellen Goodman, wrote an article praising those women who fought for the vote. She said they were "a small band assembled in Seneca Falls, N.Y., in 1848" who wrote their goal down on paper saying "that it was the duty of women to secure to themselves their sacred right to the elective franchise." They worked tirelessly for seventy years and won. Goodman writes that they never stopped even though they were ridiculed. The Washington Post said in its 1906 obituary of Susan B. Anthony that she was "a leader of that circle of masculine womanhood that clamored for 'woman's rights'..." Doesn't that say it best? Masculine women nagging. Isn't Father saying the same thing?

Goodman goes on saying, "If women voted, it was said, they would lose their femininity, the home would fall apart, children would be neglected. 'Woman,' wrote one newspaper, 'should not unsex herself by dabbling in the filthy pool of politics.'" Goodman sees progress; I don't. I see women cops and children on drugs. After the 1996 election, Ellen Goodman wrote of how women were the deciding factor in getting Clinton reelected. She says,"Much was made of the 'feminizing' of this campaign .... the Republicans based their campaign on anti-government, anti-taxes .... Democrats made a much more concerted and successful attempt to speak the female language."

The exit polls showed that this was the"first time in American history that men alone would have elected a different candidate than women alone. Men chose Dole 44 percent to 43 percent, while women chose Clinton 54 percent to 37 percent."

This is precisely the doom that the anti-suffragists of the 19th century predicted for our forefathers if they let women get the vote." I see that their prediction came true and there is"doom" ; Ellen sees an improvement. The Messiah spends a billion dollars to help the conservatives and American are more powerful and vote liberal.

One current book against the Antis said,"...beginning with the start of World War I in Europe and continuing through America's years of participation some opponents of suffrage engaged in smear campaigns. The most common charge during the war years was that [the suffragists] were somehow pro-socialist (after 1917, pro-Bolshevik)." It wasn't a smear campaign; it was campaign for God. Suffragists efforts whether they intended it or not brought socialism and helped the Bolsheviks. The author continues:"Mrs. James Wadsworth, the leader of antisuffragist forces in the last years of their fight to halt women's enfranchisement, painted the suffrage movement as a dangerous and un-American outbreak intimately connected with 'socialism,' and other aspects of radicalism. Antisuffrage publications, including Woman's Protest and Woman Patriot made the same point and identified suffragists as 'pacifists and socialists.' Other critics underlined the theme: 'If the Kaiser can get the pacifists, socialists, and suffragists to weaken America ... the cause of America ... will be lost.'" America did become weak. The suffragists castrated the men of America. As women became more powerful, the men became weaker. Mrs. Wadsworth was right in saying that socialism/feminism is"dangerous" and"un-American." She loved America and knew that our freedoms and the safety of women and children come from strong men fighting and dying for those freedoms. Women getting the vote would emasculate men and therefore endanger women and children and America. Are women and children safer today than in Mrs. Wadsworth time before the vote? Do you think if only men were in Congress during the second World War that we would have watched Hitler bomb London and invade Poland and do nothing? Do you think that we would have lost North Korea? Do you think that we would have lost Vietnam? Do you think it would still be unsafe to walk the streets at night?

Below are two pictures of ladies on the Abel side. The first is Alice Wadsworth. The second is Mrs. Dodge.

The leading suffragist countering Mrs. Dodge and Mrs. Wadsworth was Alice Paul. She never married, like Susan B. Anthony and today's Gloria Steinem. She said women need "a place of equal responsibility and equal power with men of the nation." She was a militant who went dragging and kicking as police would take her to jail for her demonstrations.

Wadsworth said the anti-suffragists were warriors in a battle against the "two great enemies of our civilization -- Feminism and Socialism." Women's Federation should praise these women instead of Eleanor Roosevelt. Both Dodge and Wadsworth were active in volunteer organizations. Wadsworth took over Dodge's position and held it until the vote came in 1920. As its new leader, one of the first things she did was revamp the anti-suffrage monthly Woman's Protest into a weekly, named Woman Patriot. On its masthead she broadcast their creed: "For Home and National Defense Against Woman Suffrage, Feminism and Socialism."

Suffragists accused the Antis of being idle, elitist, bridge-playing socialites who never left home. The Antis continually pointed out that they did not make a fetish of the home. They urged women to be volunteers. Mrs. Josephine Dodge was the first president of a national organization against the vote started in 1912. At one of their meetings she said, "We believe that women according to their leisure, opportunities, and experience should take part increasingly in civic and municipal affairs as they always have done in charitable, philanthropic and educational activities and we believe that this can best be done without the ballot by women, as a non-partisan body of disinterested workers." Another Anti said forcefully, "Do not mistake me. No woman should spend all her time at home. Public needs and social duties must be attended to."

After 1920 Antisuffragists continued to fight against feminism. They correctly denounced the labor movement, pacifists, socialists, and feminism. One liberal book said,"The Daughters of the American Revolution, which had metamorphosed into a superpatriotic and right-wing organization, also provided an outlet for former Antis interested in red-baiting feminists. One pamphlet distributed by the DAR decried the 'six objectives of Communism, Bolshevism, Socialism, Liberalism and Ultra Pacifism' as the abolition of government, patriotism, property rights, inheritance, religion, and family relations." Red-baiting? No. Just telling the truth. .

Satan won the 70 year battle to give women power over men. Father was born in 1920 with mankind sliding down the slippery slope of socialism/feminism for another 70 years. By the time he called for champions to help him everyone was brainwashed with Satan's lie. It is incredibly difficult for Father to deal with such spiritual cripples in today's society.


Stanton wrote down her goals


Elizabeth Cady Stanton ended her Declaration of Sentiments and Resolutions at the Seneca Falls Convention with this paragraph:"In entering upon the great work before us, we anticipate no small amount of misconception, misrepresentation, and ridicule; but we shall use every instrumentality within our power to effect our object. We shall employ agents, circulate tracts, petition the State and National legislature, and endeavor to enlist the pulpit and the press in our behalf. We hope this Convention will be followed by a series of Conventions embracing every part of the country."

She worked tirelessly for the rest of her life to end patriarchy. The story of the suffragists is like the story of all communists, socialists, and liberals who turned the world from the path it was on in the 19th century to create the nightmare of the 20th. They loved government more than God. And they won a total victory. It took 70 years to get the vote and 70 more years to get a career congresswoman, Pat Schroeder, to get women to be fighter pilots, get shot down and be raped in the Gulf War with complete approval by a Republican President, his Secretary of Defense, Joint Chiefs of Staff and the American people. Will it take another 70 years to get women back in the home and into charity? If it does then I won't see it. But someday my descendents will.

Stanton wrote on a speech she gave in 1866 a note to her daughters saying:"I give this manuscript to my precious daughters, in the hope that they will finish the work I have begun." I give this book to my eight precious sons and daughters, in the hope they will finish the work I have begun to restore the traditional family that socialist/feminists have destroyed. Jesus said we have to carry a cross. Our cross is to teach the truth that used to be common sense and now is looked at as crazy. Stanton was a fighter. First Lady Hillary Clinton is a fighter. I pray the UC sisters will be greater fighters and still be feminine and finish the job anti-suffragists, such as Mrs. Wadsworth and Mrs. Dodge worked so hard for.

Stanton said these fighting words once:"We do not expect our path will be strewn with the flowers of popular applause, but over the thorns of bigotry and prejudice will be our way, and on our banners wll beat the dark storm-clouds of opposition from those who have entreched themselves behind the stormy bulwarks of custom and authority, and who have fortified their positions by every means, holy and unholy. But we will steadfastly abide the result. Unmoved we will bear it aloft. Undaunted we will unfurl it to the gale, for we know that the storm cannot rend it a shred, that the electric flash will but more clearly show to us the glorious words inscribed upon it, 'Equality of Rights.'"

This is one tough lady. She wrote her goals, made the committment and became a workaholic till she dropped of old age. So am I. In the end, my written goals in this book will happen because God is behind it and he isn't behind socialist/feminists such as Stanton.

She and her army of socialist/feminists crushed men and women with their false equality and false rights. Their ideology rules. Let's be more persevering than the enemy. Let's restore true equality and true responsibilities.

Mary Pride explains, "Each elder should be disciplining the men under his care into future elders. Each elder's wife and other qualified mature women should be doing the same with the women. Each set of parents should be training their own children. Everyone has the goal of becoming a leader 'qualified to teach others' (2 Timothy 2:2, Hebrew 5:12)."

"The church is set up to meet these goals. People are to be evangelized, then disciplined, which means trained until they are able to be trainers themselves. This is what the church is for. It is not an infirmary for permanent spiritual cripples, or a playground for permanent spiritual babies. We are not merely consumers (beyond our initial spiritual babyhood) but producers! We have a mission, each and every one of us!"

Mary Pride says it is tragic that many Christian missionaries "unwittingly set about destroying the tribal patriarchal patterns" in countries they went to "and substituting their own increasingly egalitarian and feminist model." American UC members should be respecting and teaching patriarchy in other nations too. It was wrong of General McArthur to give women the vote in Japan after World War II.

Mary Pride says a church should be, "a spiritual army." Instead it has "become a counseling center instead of a military base. We need to get organized -- not as some sort of cultist top-down pyramid, but as a grass-roots network of individual families empowered to do our job and held together by our churches."