The Truth Hurts
Women are the cause of family disunity

Read Christians authors with a grain of salt

I want to end this chapter on Patriarchy with some thoughts on its practical application. Only religious people accept the ideology that men make all the ultimate decisions in the family. If you want to study books on patriarchy you will not find any at secular bookstores such as Waldenbooks or your local university bookstore. In America, you have go to Christian bookstores to find books that teach why a man’s wife is subservient. I’ve read some of the books. I appreciate these authors because I have learned from them many insights into the philosophy of what they call "headship." Unfortunately, these authors are spiritually at a teenage level and all fall short of teaching the highest level of men’s leadership in the home. There are also no books at an adult level on how men are to lead outside the home either. By studying Sun Myung Moon we can learn the true standard that men and women are to live by. Rev. Moon is a true man and Mrs. Moon is a true woman. They are the first man and woman to grow to spiritual maturity and create a true marriage.


All the Christian authorities on marriage will bow to True Parents someday and go to a higher place. In the future books will be written that will explain the true meaning of the roles of men and women. Based on Rev. Moon’s words, I have written my views on the philosophy of patriarchy.


After studying Rev. Moon’s speeches and his lifestyle, I see some major flaws in the Christian books on male leadership in the home. The first glaring mistake is their blind spot in not seeing that men are to do all the leading, protecting and providing outside the home. It never occurs to them to follow the logic that if only men lead the home then only men lead in society. Twentieth century men believe in women voting, women working outside the home, and women protecting. Name me one man who campaigns for women not being police officers in 1998. I can’t find one article in one magazine or newspaper. It is not only not a debate, but everyone accepts it, even the Mormons and fundamental Christians who have been digested by this feminist culture. Women in military uniforms are seen as normal. And even worse, everyone thinks it is a good thing not only for women to dress in military fatiques, but even lead men on military bases. Pat Robertson, Billy Graham, Jerry Falwell and Robert Shuller never speak out against women becoming generals when they give sermons on their national television shows. They don’t because Satan has converted them to feminism. These men will say they are anti-feminist, but they are really feminists and don’t know how Satan has got to them. Fallen man cannot see the absolute standard. Father has brought that. God’s absolute standard is that men lead women. No man should ever be in a subservient position to a woman. Women should not associate with men. Only men are supposed to be providing services in the marketplace. A woman’s place is in her home. She can go shopping at stores owned and run by men to spend her allowance her husband or father has given her, but she is never to compete with men. In other words, they are to resemble the spirit of women before the 20th century. Women in the past were not perfect, but they were on the right track.


Another blind spot of fundamental Christian books on patriarchy is the emphasis on men being gentle rather than stern with women. Women today are so out of order that they need more criticism than praise. Our culture is so feminized and corrupt that the emphasis should be on women understanding and being patient with men instead of the other way around. Christian authors are nice people but they do wrong when they fall all over themselves to denounce a few men tyrants and not the insidious snakes women can be.


One gets the impression reading these books that there is a real problem out there of men who rule with a vengeance in their home shouting Ephesians 5:22-23 that says they are the head of the house and everybody better salute and grovel to his every wish. Where are these obnoxious dictators? I have never met a man who reads the Bible and believes in patriarchy and is a total son-of-a-bitch. What man out there demands total obedience to "anything" he asks? I’m sure there are a few, but there are also a few rapists and in Iraq we have Saddam Hussein. But tell me, out of all your relatives and friends and neighbors, how many are monsters that abuse physically or verbally? And if a man does, is there any women in his life who treated him like dirt? The vast majority of men do not think they can do "anything" they want. No sane person thinks they can rule like some sick plantation owner in the early 1800s. Some of these scumbags would even rape the black slaves and have children by them. All men are fallen and corrupt to some degree and abuse their power sometimes, but so do women. More women kill babies than men do. What I object to is the emphasis of Christian books on bad men when the emphasis should be on women who are the initiators of disunity in their homes. Hollywood dramatizes evil men like the sadistic husband in the movie Sleeping with the Enemy. He makes Julia Roberts hang the towels just right and beats her if they are not just as he wants them. In real life, the reverse is more the case. Women beat men down with their arrogance and contempt for men.


Only a tiny percent of men in America even believe in patriarchy as a family value. No one in my church has ever even heard of the concept. They are all feminists who have no problem with women being leaders over men. I have talked to only one man and one woman in my life who believe in taking the Bible literally when it comes to men ruling in the home. Aubrey and Helen Andelin each have books and each have told me that America will wake up someday and go back to the Bible. Both of them are wonderful people who have a wonderful family. There are a few books by men and women extolling the virtues of patriarchy at Christian bookstores and they say they have happy families and have helped others to build good marriages by counseling patriarchy. Maybe they come across men who misread the Bible and lord it over their families demanding respect when they don’t deserve it. I find that hard to believe.


And what exactly is "abusive behavior"? I find that women in general define it wrong. Of course violent or sexual abuse is criminal. But women are so touchy today that they can’t handle even the slightest disapproving look from a man. How God sees things and how women see things are often very different. Women are quick to see wrong doing of men, when men are simply doing the right thing. Look at all the lawsuits by women against men that are from Satan. Society encourages this evil. Men are on the defensive. And every year it gets worse as women infiltrate the workplace and destroy their homes by filing for divorce. They are the ones who have little patience, kindness or tenderness.


Another blind spot by authors on patriarchy is that they don’t give any guidelines on the practical aspects of patriarchy. They use vague words to describe how men should act such as they are to have a balance of being "firm" but also "tender." They are to be "strong" but "compassionate." The only role model they give of someone who has done this is Jesus Christ.


We have a problem here because no one has known what Jesus was really like. We have no details about him. We don’t even know what he looked like. He said almost nothing about marriage and family. And to top it off he never even had a wife or children. Sadly Christianity has made him out to be a pacifist. Feminist theologians see him as a feminist, socialist and lover of gay people. I appreciate one book that had the guts to say that Jesus was not some gentle new age pacifist. Robert Hicks in Uneasy Manhood points out passages in the Bible that show Jesus was not just a sweetheart. He was also "rude" and harsh to women sometimes. He writes how Jesus put women in their place sometimes.


I would like to offer the founding fathers as role models. Look at the marriages of those men on Mt. Rushmore. We don’t have great men anymore in America because men and women in the 20th century don’t share their philosophy of life. Washington, Jefferson and Lincoln believed in absolute patriarchy. Twentieth century America has basically given up these values as Neanderthal. Sadly those few Christians who profess to believe in patriarchy teach a watered down patriarchy. Christian writers such as Aubrey Andelin, Stu Weber, Gary Smalley, Farrar and Hicks are wimps. Their standard of patriarchy is so low it doesn’t inspire anybody. Most of them cannot even teach that men are the sole providers. The Promise Keepers never even mention that aspect of patriarchy.


These writers are looked at as right wing religious nuts by America. Based on Rev. Moon’s totally politically incorrect writings, what I write makes these Mormon and fundamental Christians look tame. These men are so worried that they might offend their wives that they never get around to becoming great men. They are nice men, but mediocre --- not spiritual giants like the founding fathers.


I have made it my mission to raise my sons to be strong patriarchs and my daughters to be truly subservient to their husbands. Christian writers are just wannabe patriarchs and subservient wives. They have a long way to go before they live God’s way of life. I pray they can humble themselves to the Korean couple who have reached true patriarchy.


Fallen men must stretch to God’s level. Satan rules this world and so far he has buried the teachings of Rev. Moon and even pulled the wool over the eyes of those tiny few who say they believe in the Divine Principle.


I hope my children do not get digested by our culture that despises patriarchy and not get influenced by the wimpy level of understanding of patriarchy taught in fundamental Christian books. Let me give you an example of how wimpy these men are. In Robert Hick’s book Uneasy Manhood we learn that he is a pastor, professor at a seminary, marriage counselor, author and an air force reserve officer. In the following passage from his book we will see a perfect illustration of the confusion and mush these men write. He spends a great deal of time pointing out how men are weak and feminized in America and then he writes this feminist politically correct statement that negates everything he writes: "As an air force reserve officer, I have learned to value and rely upon the distinctive insight from female officers. Their addition to the officer corps has strengthened the air force." "Strengthened the air force?" I rest my case.


Like all men today, he is blind to what real strength means. He sees himself as a very wise man, but he is just a boy pushed around by feminists. America gets worse every year because of the lack of leadership by men like this. In the end, his book and his values fail because he has incorporated some of feminism into his ideology. You can’t be a little bit feminist and be of God.