Wimpy Conservatives

James Dobson invented the term "tough love." He is a wimpy conservative Christian. He says in his book Love Must Be Tough that he sees some "positive elements" in the "women's movement": "There is no doubt in my mind that the movement has brought greater respect and dignity for females, especially in the business world." Well, there is no doubt in my mind that Dobson is a wimp. Feminism has been 100% evil and not brought more respect and dignity for women. And Dobson, like all Christians who are weak and pathetic, doesn't know that all women are supposed to be in the home and not in business. He is not tough enough on the aggressiveness of women in our society today. Stephen Covey in his weak book on families called The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Families begins by saying that no one is to "judge": people should "Stop trying to change their spouse and just go to work on themselves." Everyone is supposed to be "patient, persistent and non-manipulating." He goes on and on about "unconditional love." He doesn't have the guts to say that men are to be the final decision makers in their families. His book is the typical mush that is out there. Christians will write nonsense that marital fights and explosions are normal and couples need to fight "fair" and "civilized." God has no interest in fair fights. He is for absolute harmony. He is for children never hearing their parents argue. And this can only happen when women quit fighting, give in and follow their man. If you're reading this and think that this an unrealistic expectation -- think again. Get out of small thinking. This is stinking thinking. Don't let Satan play games with your mind and tell you that I am just rationalizing a philosophy of dictatorship where men are martinets who never listen to their wife and children and forces his family to dote on his every desire.


When a woman focuses on her husband more than herself she is not giving up her unique personality and talents to become a slave. Women will find true happiness and love and freedom in a happy marriage. And happy marriages, or better yet, great, magnificent, Godly marriages are great to the degree the woman does her job of attending to her husband. Mrs. Moon is the champion at attending her husband. Mrs. Norman Vincent Peale wrote a good advice book for women called The Adventure of Being a Wife. One point she makes to women is for them to study their man and then act on it. She writes: "Studying your mate should include a willingness to participate, at least occasionally, in activities that interest him more than they interest you. Some domestically-oriented women never learn to do this. Their husbands may be ardent golfers, or gardeners, or bowlers, or bridge players, but the women they have married make no effort to join them in the areas where they are happiest and where in most cases they would welcome the companionship of a wife."


She gives an example of woman she knew who was smart enough to force herself to go with her husband and learn some of what he does. She writes: "I knew a woman once, married to a fanatical trout fisherman, who made herself go fishing with him even though she didn’t know a dry fly from a luna moth. At first she was horribly bored, baffled by the intricacies of the sport, sure that she could never acquire even the most rudimentary skill. But gradually her attitude changed. Her husband’s enthusiasm was contagious, his delight in teaching her was endearing. In the end, although she never became an expert, she was able to participate with an enthusiasm and enjoyment that at first she would have thought impossible. And it all came about because, studying her husband, trying to make him happy, she enlarged her horizons."


I have seen many pictures of Mrs. Moon fishing on a bank with her husband standing nearby fishing also. There are countless pictures of her holding her fish and the both of them beaming. I saw a picture of them once dressed up as hunters, carrying their shotguns and each holding a pheasant that each had shot. She goes with him and does as he does.


A wife should spend some time studying and doing what her husband likes even though it does not interest her. This is how she grows. If her husband goes to the library, then she should go with him. But she shouldn’t just go physically. He heads for the sports section or political books or whatever and she heads for books that deal with her hobbies and interests. She should get genuinely into what he is into. If he goes to car races, hunts, repairs cars, reads murder mysteries or whatever then she should do that sometimes. He has to make his customers happy and many times they do not see things the way he does. In a capitalist society that is a good thing. People are different. And God wants men to serve their customers. The woman should do as her husband has to do and serve her man even though she thinks it is boring or stupid. Ronald Reagan’s first wife divorced him because he was so political and she went crazy listening to him. Nancy did not feel this way and ended up being First Lady. How many men have not reached their potential because their wives didn’t spend time with their man’s interests?


Mrs. Moon knows her husband so well that she puts exactly what he needs for the day out for him to take the next morning. Do you know one wife on this planet that sets the things a man needs for the next day out for him to take in the morning? I have never met one. Women wake up in the morning and think about what interests them. They hold men in such contempt that it would never occur to them that their man comes first, not themselves, their children or some personal mission. God wants women to serve and nourish men so they can go out and build an ideal world for her to live in.


Ruth Peale's core teaching is that a woman should make her man number one in her life. This means more than thinking nice romantic thoughts about him sometimes and giving him a Hallmark card on his birthday. It means she has to work, to sweat, to get out of herself. She has to study the man. Who is disciplined enough today to study anything? And how politically incorrect can you get to say to a woman she is to major in her husband. People think today how sad and pathetic that would be. But if women did this there would be no separations and divorce.


She writes: "If I could give one piece of advice to young brides, and only one, it would be this: study your man. Study him as if he were some rare and strange and fascinating animal, which he is. Study him constantly, because he will be constantly changing. Study his likes and dislikes, his strengths and weaknesses, his moods and mannerisms. Just loving a man is fine, but it's not enough. To live with one successfully you have to know him, and to know him you have to study him.


"Look around you and decide how many of the best marriages you know are ones where a wife in a deep sense actually knows her husband better than he knows himself. Knows what pleases him. Knows what upsets him. Knows what makes him laugh or makes him angry. Knows when he needs encouragement. Knows, in other words, exactly what makes him tick."


"On the other hand, the divorce courts are full of women who didn't study their man, who didn't try to anticipate and meet their needs, who failed to observe warning signs while there was still time to do something about them." She then goes into detail telling a true story of a woman she knew who was devastated when her husband left her. Mrs. Peale said she was a stupid woman who didn't see it coming because she did not study her man. She also teaches that "Studying your man never stops."


At the beginning of her book she says that people have all kind of reasons why there is so much divorce. She says it is because of women: "Women aren't using their heads. In this whole area of human relations, women are smarter than men. They ought to be able to study their man, figure out what his needs are, what makes him tick. They ought to help him know where he wants to go. They ought to be able to anticipate trouble and head it off. They ought to be brainy enough and sexy enough to hold a husband. But a lot of them are not, mainly because they're too lazy or too spoiled, or too busy thinking about themselves and what they're getting or not getting out of their marriages."


I would like to add that in regard to her statement that women aren't sexy enough, she ends her book saying women don't even look different from men anymore. They wear pants.


In an updated version of her book, The Adventures of Being a Wife, titled Secrets of Staying in Love, she sadly misses the whole point of what are the secrets of love between men and women. She advises a young married woman to keep her career and then has a ridiculous chapter about how her husband, and all men, should not be jealous or threatened by this, even if her paycheck is more than his. Her second book was written years after her first and it is clear that she has been digested by feminism.

She writes that she was once at a meeting of some ministers who got into a "discussion centered around the question of whether or not women should be ordained. Finally one young minister said something that struck a chord with everyone. 'Wouldn't it be nice,' he said, 'if we could just live our religion without arguing about it!'" She sympathizes with this and tries to make a case for not getting wrapped up in theology and living a good life. But we cannot get very far when there is disunity in the church. Someday, every person will "live" the same values because there will be one religion -- the Divine Principle. For that to happen it would help if Unificationists would get united on traditional family values that says women do not lead homes and they do not lead men in the church and society.

Mrs. Peale is a feminist even though she makes some noises that she isn't. The proof of the pudding is in the eating. She teaches strongly in her book for women to work. She says she handles "all the financial and tax matters in our family." Why? Because Norman Vincent Peale is incompetent at it: "if Norman tried to balance checkbooks or started worrying about mortgages or domestic money matters, his creativity would simply dry up. I took over these chores, at first, mainly to relieve him of this burden." Then, she says, she has enjoyed it. The Andelins are more in line with God than these two people. They rightly teach that men do all the financial work. I don't believe that ministers and politicians should earn money for those jobs. They should be held by men who have money and do it voluntarily as I believe the Mormon church does it. Because ministers do not earn money in the marketplace they often do not understand what men go through and therefore make religion feminized. Churches are often liberal because of this.

She tells a story of how her husband talked a woman who had just become a widow to take over her husband's business. She continually praises working women and says nothing about stay-at-home moms. She even goes so far as to warn men to not be jealous: "jealousy can begin to raise its ugly head when a woman's career in the business or professional world begins to outshine that of her husband."

"Ideally a man should give encouragement and support to his wife even if her career tends to overshadow his own. But this is hard for some men to do. The traditional concept of the male as the chief provider in the family is still very much alive in many masculine hearts. If the woman makes more money or seems to be achieving more importance in the outside world, such a man may feel threatened or diminished."


Then this powerful mentor to many women gives the feminist line: "Common sense tells us that a man should feel proud of a wife who achieves as much in her career as he does in his,or even more. But sometimes he doesn't, because of hidden insecurities within himself. Then it becomes the wife's task to understand his reactions and help him overcome them if she possibly can." It is not common sense to think men are going to feel fine not being the sole provider and that a woman can "help" her man with "hidden insecurities." Many men spout the feminist line and seem to be the New Feminist Man but they are deluding themselves and eventually problems will come because their unconsious unhappiness will win out over their conscious happiness. Thankfully, Peale's book is out of print.

There are so many more angles to write about on this topic of marital harmony. I've thrown out what I believe are many of the essential truths about patriarchy. If you have any more ideas on what I write I would like to hear them. But there is one thing though that I am not interested in. And that is the idea that I am too harsh with women. Men are wimps and women are out of order. Both must get smart. I am only emphasizing an aspect of the battle of the sexes that everyone is blind to and that is that women initiate disunity. I hope that women will have the humility to overcome a knee-jerk reaction to what I write as mean spirited and dismiss me as someone who has control issues and psychoanalyzes me as a guy who hasn't resolved his problem with his mother or father or whatever. I am not perfect or all knowing. But I am confident in how I interpret Father's words and life. I believe he would agree with me and reject those who disagree with me.

 Women feel they do not have to apologize because men are bad and women are good. People now believe that men are the cause of all problems. Women are victims, men are aggressors. It is true that only men rape. Most burglars are men. Most of the Mafia is men. Most of the dictators in history were men. Most of the violent criminals in jail are men. Even though women kill and torture more children than men do, people think of men as the greatest killer of children. Incest is mostly father/daughter – not mother/son.

People don’t think that most men are good, even though the vast majority of men do not point guns at bank tellers, have incest and murder their wife. Most men are decent. They are not O.J. Simpson.

Was there any outrage by America when Loreena Bobbit cut off her husband’s penis? The whole thing was a joke to America. People laughed about it. What if he had cut her genitals? Would there have been any jokes?

Women never have to say they are sorry. They never have to apologize because no matter what they do, they are only responding as an underdog in a lopsided fight against a hairy monster.

It is true that men are supposed to take responsibility for what happens in his family. Any leader has great influence on whether his organization succeeds or fails. Most coaches who have a bad season are fired. The team is not fired. If a company loses money, the president is fired – not the employees. If a general loses a war, he is fired – not the soldiers. Does this mean that when a family is dysfunctional and looks like a loser family, do we fire the man? Women by the millions file for divorce every year and the courts give the children to the woman. Women file for divorce twice as much as men do. She then gets a job and begins looking for a new man for her family. Is she looking for a leader? Or is she looking for a man who will follow her?

I believe women, as well as men, do not believe in patriarchy. They believe in equal leadership. Patriarchy means there is one "head." Feminism says there are two heads. A two-headed family, as well as any two-headed organization, is as unnatural as a two-headed snake.

The truth is that feminism started out with the idiotic notion that power could be "equal" between two leaders. This slippery slope of demonic logic led quickly to the idea that women are superior to men and they should be the leaders and men should follow. Everyone now believes that women are more moral, more religious, and more capable of leading every part of society. Subconsciously, or more accurately, good spirit world fights the evil spirit world that sadly dominates the world. God’s voice of reason and spiritual law is overwhelmed by Satan’s lies. The good guys have been losing battle after battle but the day is coming when they will win the final war of the sexes. The glorious day of truth triumphing over evil will happen eventually. The last 2000 years have been a nightmare that just kept getting worse. The next millennium will see truth rise and overcome evil.

True Parents fulfilled their mission of creating the first orderly marriage in this chaotic world. We don’t have just an ideology of what a true marriage is. We have videos showing it. We have Father’s totally politically incorrect teachings that he and Mother live. She follows him one hundred percent. He is the eternal epitome of strong male leadership and she is the eternal epitome of strong female followership. He says men are bones and women are flesh. Watch videos of this couple and tell me if you ever see them interchange their roles. You can’t. Father is the definition of bone and mother is the very definition of flesh. They are absolutely practice what they preach. The preach the Divine Principle that says men are subject and women are object. Who today, at the turn of the millennium, believes that women are objects? Only a tiny percent of Christians in America believe that women are to give "reverence" to men as the Bible teaches. The Southern Baptists broke away from the mainstream Baptists because they say that men are the head of the house and women are to "submit." President Clinton is a member of the Southern Baptists, and he has publicly laughed at this statement. Satan laughs at God’s laws.

Mankind has paid a terrible price for spitting on God’s laws. Look at the pathetic and tragic marriage of President Clinton. Is the president of the Southern Baptists having oral sex in his office with a young volunteer? No. Why? Because he is happily married. He has a Biblical wife. She is happy in her role. There is order in her home. There is chaos in the White House. Sadly polls show that the vast majority could care less. The president of the Southern Baptists is in the minority calling for Clinton’s resignation. All politicians now believe politics is a career. Satan teaches that. So they are not righteous, but weak leaders who follow a weak majority.

Someday the majority of Americans will become truly god-centered and righteous. They will give up Marx, Engels, Stanton and Steinem. For now, we have to endure through the darkness of this depraved world that believes deeply in socialism and feminism. Milton Friedman and Helen Andelin are at the least seen as too extreme and generally seen as irrational. To many people, they are even seen as dangerous. This means that the fierce battle of the sexes will continue for some time.

The state of the family is poor. We have reached the bottom of the barrel. There is only darkness and slime at the bottom of this culture. Satan loves it. The fall was Eve dominating Adam. And now women completely dominate men. America’s homes are a matriarchy.

Sadly America has swallowed the feminist ideology hook, line and sinker. Tocqueville said that if America became feminist men would become weak and women would become disorderly. Look at the Clintons. A weak man getting oral sex in the oval office and a disorderly woman crushing her opponents as she travels alone from city to city. In the 1998 elections she beat the Republicans by standing on stages at rallies for Democrat candidates. There are pictures of her holding their hands. How different True Mother is. Father sends her out to give speeches rarely. And when he does, he never lets a man stand next to her on the stage. If there is a male translator, he stands away from her.


Women rule the homes in America. Feminists will tell you that women have a long way to go before there is total victory which means 50% of all jobs from carpenters to police officers are women. But that is not their subconscious goal.


Behind the scenes Satan is whispering in everyone’s ear that men are jerks and women are saints. There is a book that has just come out and is in the bookstores as I write called Men are Jerks: until proven otherwise. Women, therefore, should be in all leadership positions –especially the home according to Satan’s plan. Although most CEOs of big companies are men, most small businesses are now owned by women. Although most leaders appear to be men, the core leadership is wives over husbands. Men walk on egg shells now in their home and even in the workplace. All men are emasculated in America. They have been castrated for the entire 20th century. The final death blow to masculinity came the year the true man was born, in 1920. Women got the vote that year and men gave it to them. They cut their own nuts off. The roles of men and women are now totally reversed from the 19th century. If we look at a family as a team, the women are now the head coach and they have fired millions of assistant coaches. And guess who got the team? The women got the children and raised them to hate men.


We need a massive re-education movement. Women are now shrews who need to be tamed. Father is the pioneer Petrucio who in Shakespeare play dominated his Kate – True Mother. He raised her up. Men must follow Father’s path and raise their women.


Dear Reader, you probably think I’m a "sick" person. But I ask you to pray about what I write and take a good look around you. Women are getting more obese every day. They are invading men’s traditional roles more every day. The family gets worse every day. Do you have a better plan than mine? Do you feel we need more feminism? Do we really need to have a woman president? Will that make us safe from evil dictators? It’s either black or white. There can be only one final decision maker in any organization. Almost everyone is in a family organization. Women want to be that leader. Men must stop them. Women are irrational and crazy. They must be spanked. They need a time out. They need to be grounded in the kitchen. They need to be disciplined. That is the role of a man. Men must also discipline those few evil criminals. Men are failing to do either. They are timid and give in to the demands of women and criminals. Men must become strong and bring order to their home and community.


Rebellious people must be punished. Women must be punished by men by kicking them out of the house and men taking care of the children until the woman gets humility. She can come back when she understands that she is the cause of the problem. She cannot come home until she sincerely apologizes. But saying she’s sorry is still not enough. She must change and start disciplining her mouth. Physically she must eat good fats instead of bad. Spiritually she must do as the Bible and Father teach. She must obey with reverence – even if the man is wrong. Even if a man leaves True Parents. The wife must follow and say nothing. She must serve him a healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner even if he criticizes True Parents while she is serving him. And she should never argue with him. To truly follow True Parents, a woman must follow her husband first. A true woman wears a dress instead of pants. She does not wear the pants in the family either. She is quiet and teaches young women to follow their husbands – even if he changes from a Christian to a Muslim and leaves Chicago to live in Tehran.


Is this asking for the impossible? The Bible says that all things are possible with God. Women have got to stop spitting on the Bible. Living a Biblical life may seem difficult and nonconformist but try living a nonBiblical and see how difficult that is. If a man changes his mind – the wife must adapt. She is made by God to adapt to her man. Satan makes people twist the Bible quotes on submission to focus on men being good leaders. But the focus of women should be on those quotes that say she must obey even if he is ungodly. It is not the role of a godly woman to criticize, argue or nag her husband. She has no more right to mope around depressed because her husband has joined the Mormon church or whatever than a seaman has the right to mope around a submarine because he is unhappy with his cramped living quarters and long hours without sunshine.


Women are responsible to create a peaceful and high spiritual atmosphere in whatever home a man provides. Mamie Eisenhower lived in 25 homes. The only permanent home she ever had was when they retired in their old age in Gettysburg, Pa. She followed her husband all over the world. Some of her homes were nice, some were terrible. Once she lived in a dump in Panama with no air conditioning. She was always cheerful and made her home a refuge for her husband to come home to. He won WWII. There is a deep spiritual connection between husband and wife. Wives affect their husbands. Eisenhower would have been even greater if Mamie had been greater. Women have a powerful influence on men and therefore on human history.


Today that influence is mainly evil. Men are mainly wimps castrated by women. And it gets worse every day as more and more women take leadership over men. I am fighting an uphill battle. Any man that tries to stand up to a woman will be crushed by other possessed weak men who will side with his wife. Even so, men must stand up and demand obedience.


There are a million different things women can argue with men about. I can’t list them all. Women are filing for divorce and have many reasons. If she is filing because he has done something major like adultery, she will never she has caused it by her incessant lack of respect for him. Ronald Reagan’s first wife divorced him simply because she was bored with his talk of politics. She is the epitome of the disorderly woman.


To help bring this discussion to a more practical level and away from just theory, let’s pick an example of how a husband and wife fight. The son of a couple graduates early form high school because he is very bright. The wife is really into degrees and college. The husband is not. She pushes for her son to go to college right away. The father of the boy says yes but really doesn’t think his son is ready and needs to do some other things first. She tells the whole world how proud she is of her son who is now going to go to college in a few months. The husband changes his mind. The wife goes ballistic and accuses him of driving her nuts because he changed his mind and she is upset because she just knows his decision is wrong. He stands his ground. Then she mopes around the house and upsets the family with her depressed and angry attitude. Then after some time she starts nagging her husband to reconsider. She is all wrapped up in her emotions and thoughts. There are countless examples like this. Women get upset at any direction a husband gives. He can’t tell her how to dress, who to see, what to cook, where they live or how to raise their kids. No American woman sees her husband in a vertical way.

I hope men can start the process of getting some backbone and stop being meek timid creatures around women. I hope women can start becoming more interested in their husband than their own ideas and their children. In other words I hope men and women can become like Rev. and Mrs. Moon.