The epitome of the 20th century rebellious woman is Katherine Hepburn.  She has been nominated for 12 academy awards and won 4 oscars.  No actor has ever won more than her.  She won her first in 1932 and the other three late in life.  She is a legend in America.  Her mother was famous suffragette in the early 1900s.  She was the typical bored housewife of a rich doctor.  He was weak and she was disorderly.  Katherine was immoral her whole life and never had children.  Her brother committed suicide in their house when he was very young.  The result of a feminism is death and barrenness.

Katherine started wearing pants when she was very young in elementary school.  Her mother angrily chastized Katherine's teachers if they ever said she should wear a dress to school.  Hepburn had a trememdous impact on America for the worse.  Like her mother, she shocked America with her Satanic causes.

In a biography by Barbara Leaming we can see how spiritually corrupt Hepburn is when we see what a bitch she was to her husband, Luddy.  In her autobiography, ME: Stories of My Life, she writes that she was a "proper wife" for two weeks and then went back to work to fulfill her dream of being a "big star."  She had posed naked in college and then had an affair with an actor.  She told Luddy and he was like a puppy dog and stayed with her.  He adored her and felt she would see his love and give up the affair.  Finally she divorced him.  In her autobiography written when she was old she writes that she was a "terrible pig" to him and that he was a good man who gave "unconditional love."

Hepburn went on to have affairs.  The most famous is her long affair with a married actor, Spencer Tracy.  She made nine movies with him playing roles like a feisty lawyer who put Tracy in his place.  She had a tremendous impact on fashion by making pants fashionable.  In their popular 1949 movie, Adam's Rib, they play a married couple who are both lawyers. There are no children in this marriage. Hepburn plays her usual confident, professional woman role. The movie is a comedy but there is a scene that says it all. They are trying a case and are the opposing attorneys. Spencer Tracy gets very upset at her and angrily says, "You are my competitor! competitor! competitor!" Notice in this poster for the movie that it mentions the commonly known expression about who wears the pants in the family. The movie producers portray this as humor but the sad truth is that Hollywood has brainwashed America to become feminist.


Her life is a disaster.  Of course, since Satan rules, America adores her.  Satan often uses the most talented and beautiful people to crush the spirit of nations.  Her original nature wanted to be a subservient wife and in private she was to Tracy.  But her fallen nature was so feminist she could never stay married and have children.  She said she was too aggressive and talkative for any man.  We must see things through God's eyes.  We have to see we are the frog boiled in water and not knowing it.  The most powerful image America has is Hollywood stars.  They are the priests of America's secular religion.  They are the role models who everyone imitates.  They are corrupt.  There is nothing to admire in Katherine Hepburn.  We should only have pity for her and those in leadership who are feminist/socialists.

Nothing critical is ever written about Hepburn.  She is on the cover of magazines brainwashing the world to her degenerate lifestyle.  On the cover of Life magazine she is wearing slacks.  America must turn to God.  Women must act and dress the opposite of Katherine Hepburn.  They should act and dress like the women of the 19th century and those few in the 20th century like Helen Andelin.  Unfortunately, Helen has no video of her so women can see and hear a feminine woman.  She is not a famous celebrity.  Satan will not only not have her on the cover of magazines, he will have women like Oprah and movie stars like Roseanne criticize Helen and women like her who occasionally get some press coverage.  Hollywood stars dominate the TV and magazine covers, not Christian women.  Goldie Hawn and Oprah are the most powerful women in America today.  I pray America can wake up to their insidious and depraved teachings and lifestyle.