Recreational sex

On the cover of her audio tapes for her book Having It All they write, "The original 'Cosmo Girl' created a genre of women's journalism that preached the virtues of recreational sex, influencing a whole generation of women."

Bible for young women

Biography magazine says, "The magazine was an instant hit and is still the number one women's magazine in the world.  But the basic concept of Cosmopolitan hasn't changed over the years. It's a Bible for young women who want to do better."  One person wrote, "Cosmo" had become the most popular women's magazine in the world."  He calls her a "pioneer of the sexual revolution!"

Gospel according to Helen

She was asked once why she had become so successful and she answered, "hard work."  She works 12 hour days at her office and then works weekends at home.  She has been a workaholic -- working 7 days a week for almost 40 years.  She has traveled constantly in the last forty years selling her ideas, books and magazine. In an interview in Newsweek they said she works so hard because she feels her words are the "gospel."

Having It All

In 1982 she wrote another sick book called Having It All in which she puts down housewives and praises career women.  She says the "stay-homes" get dumped by their husbands because "they don't have an identity aside from being somebody's wife and mother.  I've observed that the women who have as good jobs as their men get left less frequently ... and when they are left or leave, they are obviously better able to cope.  Rich or poor, you have a better chance of keeping him -- and keeping him interested if you belong to something or someone besides him.  Most men these days love your paycheck, incidentally."  This is a lie.  Divorce has climbed in proportion to women leaving the home to "fulfill their individuality."  And men may say and even think they like their wife's paycheck but in their subconscience and heart of hearts they do not and have been rebelling by turning to everything from drugs like alcohol to extra-marital affairs.

She goes on with her poison saying, "What's so feminine about staying home?  As for your appeal to men, successful women have it. ... don't even entertain any other idea!  Why else are stay-at-home wives terrified of their men 'staying late at the office' and spending time 'on the road' with their female associates?  The sexiest women are the achievers, for they are the most interesting and exciting.  They challenge a man by being as desirable, sought after and respected as he is." In an interview in Newsday in 1967 she said, "I think it's immoral for women not to work." Maybe Helen has seen some cases of men leaving their stay-at-home wives for "exciting"   and "interesting" women at work because those women have been trained to be predators by Helen.  But overall, godly men and women have less divorce and more children than Helen's immoral bunch.

Casual sex glorified

In her book she glorifies "casual sex."  She tells a story of an enchanting night she had sex with an airline pilot that was a one night stand she will never forget.  She reminisces and rhapsodizes about how exciting it was.  Then she ends by moralizing, "if you don't have 'casual sex' too often and are able occasionally to appreciate sex just for itself, heartaches will be minimal."  Minimal heartaches?  What kind of advice is this?  It is from Satan.  God does not want anyone to have these kind of heartaches.  Helen freely admits she has gone to see psychiatrists and recommends everyone do the same.

Brown sounds like Lucifer

Let's look at several quotes that show how Lucifer-like Helen Brown is.  In the first she puts down the idea a woman can find a man at church:   "Church -- friends tell me it offers spiritual benefits, but few men."

In the following quote she sounds like she encourages girls to fall for men who are like Lucifer lusting after a young innocent girl: "Men adore younger women, it's true, it's true!... their honeyed skins, muscle secured firmly to the bone...even their innocence."
And finally how about this as a pearl of wisdom: "Good girls go to heaven, bad girls go everywhere."  No Helen.  Bad girls get hurt.

Two Helens - Cain and Abel

Three years after Helen wrote her trash in 1962, another Helen wrote a best-seller that is still in print.  Helen Andelin's Fascinating Womanhood is the exact opposite to Sex and the Single Girl.  The one Helen is Abel and the other Cain.  Satan attacked first and three years later God responded.  Andelin's book praises abstinence and marriage.  Do you think Helen Andelin has experienced "heartaches" and psychiatrists?  No.  Is she barren like Helen Gurley Brown?  No.  Helen Andelin made a few appearances on national television like the Today Show and Phil Donahue.  She then stopped and went home.  She does not seek the limelight.  She stays home and every now and then revises her book.  Because she has done this all eight of her children are living as she is -- with happy, orderly families.  Stay-at-home women are not aggressive like Brown who is constantly on television.  God's women are at a disadvantage because they are damned if they do and damned if they don't.


Phyllis Schlafly

The only woman on God's side who has become a celebrity by constantly leaving her home to do battle in public is Phyllis Schlafly.  Sadly, in becoming a public champion for God she has lost some of her femininity.  It is not natural for a woman to be so aggressive and assertive, especially with men in front of a camera on national television.  Feminine women are more gentle and do not debate men and other women in the rough and tumble of public life.  Phyllis is conservative and right on many issues, but in her constant push for power she has had to be aggressive.  She has traveled so much that even I have seen her in person when she came to debate a feminist in the town I was living in at the time.  Just before she had come to speak it had become national news that one of her sons was gay. Of course the gloating feminists in the crowd let her know about it.  God used Phyllis to win the war against the ERA, but God's champions often suffer at home because they focus so hard on the public battle.  This sets them up to look less powerful to those they are trying to convert.  I believe her son became gay partly because his mother has become so masculine.  He got confused, like so many are today, about what is true masculinity and true femininity.  I believe we can learn from this that women should not spend much time, if any, in the public sphere battling it out.  Phyllis went too far.  She even ran for congress and lost.  She shouldn't have run at all.  And she should have stayed home more than she did.

The terrible 60s

 By the end of the 60s everything was over for purity.  In the 1967 movie Guess Who's Coming for Dinner the main character is Sidney Poitier who is black and engaged to a white girl he has just met.  This movie shows there has been progress in some areas of life such as how racial prejudice is wrong.  But when it comes to what is sexually proper America has gone downhill fast.  Two comments were made in the movie that illustrate the point.  In one scene, the 23 year old single girl mentions to her mother that she has not had sex with him in the 10 days they have known each other, but she would have if he had wanted it.  Also, she introduced her fiancé to her best friend and her husband.  They comment that they had lived together for two years before marrying.  No one thought anything of this in 1967. By then, Helen and other feminists had converted America to the belief that fornication is normal.  This would have been an unthinkable thing to say or do just 10 years before in 1957. The sexual revolution has hit America and the world so hard and so fast in this terrible century that no one realizes what has happened to them.

There are a number of things about this classic movie that show how far America has become corrupt.  Hepburn's real-life niece played her daughter in the movie.  Hepburn has corrupted the young girl to believe sex outside of marriage is normal.  Hepburn once said, "marriage is not a natural institution."  In all her movies she is morally superior and totally unintimidated by the man, even in all the movies with Spencer Tracy.  She is totally confident and aggressively challenges him.  Finally the dumb guy comes around.  Men and women are so confused now at the end of the century that women drive alone in police cars and are fighter pilots who drop bombs on Iraq.  We have degenerated into total chaos and disorder between men and women.

No Religion

Hepburn makes a point in the movie that she has no religion.  This is a powerful message that not being religious is cool and hip.  How much impact do these words have on the millions of people who go to movies?  The movie theaters in America are like places of worship for many people.  Movie stars are the most powerful mentors in society.  In the movie there is a Catholic priest who is comic character.  He is in favor of the marriage, but can't explain why.  He says in one scene that he has nothing to say about it because he can't think of anything. How sad.

Avalanche of words and images

The world is smothered under the weight of the avalanche of images and words from Hollywood and Cosmopolitan.  Christian leaders did not join the battle.  Eventually Jerry Falwell would become a public figure.  He is one of the rare people of God who got on the cover of Time magazine.  But his voice is drowned out in the ocean of sights and sounds of the likes of Helen Brown and Katharine Hepburn.  Billy Graham was supposed to be like a John the Baptist and challenge Helen Brown, but he wimped out and did not confront the controversial issues that America was going through. We need an army of Jerry Falwells to drown out the flood of words and images coming from the offices in New York like Helen Brown's.  We need to have God's people in Hollywood, California making movies that tell the truth instead of lies.

Rev. Moon has spent a billion dollars on the Washington Times to help in this battle of words.  He is accused of being a person who wants to battle using force.  But he knows that the pen is mightier than the sword.  He is not teaching people to form militias.  He is for education and peaceful persuasion.  So far his books and videos have not captured the imagination of America.  They are not best-sellers.  The only best-seller I know that teaches purity is Helen Andelin's book.  Her other books haven't and her husband's book on how men are to be Godly has not.  I pray they will and that in the future there will be many books, magazines and films that will be even more popular than the garbage powerful writers like Helen Brown churn out by the millions every month.


America has suffered because Satan has had powerful champions who taught the lie that purity is boring and unfulfilling and even impossible.  No Christian minister has captured the hearts of America like Helen Gurley Brown and her spiritual daughter Cindy Crawford.  Helen's husband, David, and Crawford's former husband, the Hollywood superstar, Richard Gere, are externally beautiful and charismatic people, but rotten on the inside.  They are not good family men.  These couples are terrible parents to America who follow them blindly to hell.


Mrs. Hak Ja Han Moon

Rev. and Mrs. Moon will someday be more famous and more studied.  Someday Mrs. Moon will be on the covers of all the women's magazines instead of Cindy Crawford.  People will read their words and watch videos of them. 







When will that day happen?  No one knows.  But it will happen.  As usual, life is messy.  The Reagans had divorce, betrayal, disunity and addictions in their family.  His daughter, Patti, took her mother's maiden name of Davis and posed nude in Playboy. She even made the cover. That made it hard for them to speak out about true family values.  The same is true for Rev. Moon's family who have also experienced these embarassing tragedies.  Nevertheless, people will ultimately see the purity of the True Parents of mankind and that they are the only hope for this world to become pure.  No one speaks more strongly on sexual purity and order between men and women than Sun Myung Moon.  I encourage you to study him.  His words are words of life.  He is far beyond any Christian or any religious leader that has ever lived.

The world will eventually see that there are two ways to go: Free Sex or Absolute Sex.  It is either relative or absolute.  Either we follow Rev. Moon and build a world of absolute purity or we follow Helen Gurley Brown and continue living in this world of heartache.  We must see through God's eyes, not fallen eyes.  As more and more people do then eventually a messianic age will come.  Eventually the dynamic and fascinating people on television like Barbara Walters and Diane Sawyer will not look so dynamic and fascinating anymore.  They will be pitied, not applauded.  Someday, they will go home and be true women and experience the happiness women like Helen Andelin know -- the indescribable happiness of a family in order.  Someday television will be godly.

Recently I watched the show Politically Incorrect hosted by Bill Maher.  He had Helen Gurley Brown and Cindy Crawford on.  The three of them lead the immoral Hollywood life.  They do not look or sound like evil people.  They seem like nice people who have captured the imagination of the world.  Don't let their charm get to you. Realize how deadly they are.  See the result of their lifestyle and run from it.  Notice that all three of these people are childless.  The essence of happiness is family and these pathetic people don't have one.  Be smart and see how Satan works.  He is crafty.  He is a master at manipulation.  He makes you do bad things and has you thinking its good and cool.  And unfortunately, God's champions are often difficult to understand.  They are often not as beautiful and sophisticated as Goldie Hawn.

Bill and Hillary -- terrible role models

Bill and Hillary Clinton are the first couple who went to the White House that had lived together before marriage. And their marriage has been a disaster because of it.  Pre-marital sex shows that people are not trustworthy and disciplined.   Still, is anyone more interesting than these two?  We must see through the humor, the smooth grace, the glib words, and the beautiful style of the Clintons.  Do not get digested by them and their Hollywood friends and their New York writer friends.  We must challenge them with even more style and charm than they have.


America needs to come back to the values of the Bible

America has lost its sense of righteousness.  It has given up on traditional Biblical values.  Helen Gurley Brown's books are America's Bibles.  America doesn't know what is sacred anymore.  The oval office is not sacred according to the polls that say the vast majority could care less the President committed adultery there, even during working hours.  Americans seem to have reached the bottom of the barrel and think their wallet is all that matters.  They think the economy is good enough for them and the President is pleasant to look at, so why fire him?  I suspect most people are so corrupt sexually that they don't want to judge Clinton because then they would have to judge themselves or those around them.  They don't want to look at it.  But we must look at sin and raise ourselves up to a higher standard.  Our leaders should not be followers of Helen Gurley Brown.  They should be condemning her writings and living a pure life.  The Founding Fathers just assumed the President would have as they said, "virtue."  To Brown, only "chauvinist men" have virtue and therefore no exciting sex life.  This is a lie, but she doesn't know it.  And no one seems to be telling her.

No spokesmen for God

Right now there are few conservatives who can match the majority of the cultural elite who are feminist.  In Hollywood the only star that will speak out for conservative issues is Tom Selleck.  But even he can't overcome the atmosphere of sin in Babylon.  He recently starred in a movie called In and Out with Kevin Kline.  He plays a gay man who I heard kisses Kevin Kline who plays a school teacher that gives up going to his wedding to lead a homosexual life.  Tom Selleck speaks out for Bill Buckley's magazine, National Review, on television and he has ads for an organization in magazines called Character Counts.  Somehow he speaks out for character and also glorifies homosexuality. Everything is so mixed up that it is hard to see what is good and what is evil in people.  To be truly discerning, we need the help of Rev. Moon and his teachings.

We are in a hurricane.  The eye of the hurricane is calm and in this world that place is where True Parents are.  Everyone should join them and never betray them.  Stick with them no matter what.  It is only with them that we can know peace and happiness.

Truth of the Principle will set us free

Please join the True Parents on teaching the true gospel.  Eventually let's get the truth prominent in the grocery store check out lane next to Cindy Crawford's latest cover and let's see the Divine Principle and its message of Absolute Sex on television more than McDonald's commercials.  Let's raise up Godly men and women who will make more appearances than Helen Gurley Brown and Cindy Crawford do on Jay Leno and David Letterman. Both of these men do not have children.  Someday there will be men on prime time TV who can have pure shows that are as entertaining as Leno and Letterman and still have a successful family life. We have a great deal of work to do to see this happen. Let's work harder and smarter than Helen Gurley Brown and her comrades and win this world for God.

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