Dr. Bob Arnot

Bob Bob ArnotArnot, M.D., is one of America's best-known doctors.  He appears regularly on the CBS Evening News and NBC's Dateline.

Dr. Bob Arnot's Guide to Turning Back the Clock is a good book on heath. Arnold Schwarzenegger says, "Be the best you've ever been.  Now is the time and this is the book."  Dr. Dean Ornish says, "Dr. Bob Arnot is one of the country's leading and most enthusiastic voices in health education."  Dr. James McGuire, the Chief of Staff at the Stanford University Hospital, says the book is "inspirational and practical."  Dr. Thomas Graboys of the Harvard Medical School says the book is a "comprehensive, common-sense approach to becoming and remaining fit."


For more and more Americans who eat processed foods, corn syrup, white flour, and hydrogenated oils have become main staples of the American diet. It's my own opinion that many men remain fatter around the middle because they eat massive quantities of these three ingredients, all the while believing they've made good food choices just because the foods weren't loaded with saturated fats.  Why are these ingredients so terrible?  Inherently they bring nothing to the table except empty calories, while they replace good whole foods.  As a test, go to any convenience store or grocery store.  Look at the labels on crackers, bread, cereal, or snack products.  I think you'll be astounded at the number of products whose chief ingredients are white flour, corn syrup, and hydrogenated oils.  This is the cheapest way to make most processed foods taste good.  It takes little wizardry to throw them into a box and market them."

"Food labels list ingredients from the largest to the smallest amount.  The labels are pretty cleverly written.  The new stunt is to call white flour 'wheat flour' in the hope you will believe you are buying a whole wheat product.  You're not.  In the parentheses, after 'wheat flour,' you will see a long list of vitamins, which costs food companies just pennies to include in a product and leads consumers to believe that these are the second most plentiful ingredient in the product.  Many men read no further.  However, at the end of the parentheses you'll see 'corn syrup' and 'hydrogenated oils.'  Here's the lowdown on the big three of processed foods."


Americans eat over 50 pounds of high-fructose corn syrup a year.  He says, "That's over 25 pounds more than a decade ago."  And America is much fatter than it was a decade ago.  Corn syrup is everywhere.  It's even in some tomatoes sauces.


"The brunt of the coronary artery disease epidemic is traced to the second decade of this century.  Some think it no accident that the first hydrogenated oil made its appearance in 1911, coinciding with the onslaught of the heart disease epidemic." [By knowing the Principle we learn that in the parallels of history, the Messiah was born in 1920 so around that time, Satan pushed his agenda of death.  Corrupting food was one of his main ways to sicken and kill people and to get them addicted so they can't think straight and not accept the revolutionary truth that God was revealing.]

"To make hydrogenated fats, food manufacturers start with 'good' or unsaturated fats.  They then hydrogenate the liquid fat so it becomes a semi-solid. That makes the fat easier to handle and provides texture to foods.  For example, it makes potato chips stay fresh and crispy.  Recently the USDA released a report demonstrating that hydrogenated oils can increase cholesterol levels like the saturated fats found in hamburgers.  You'll find these hydrogenated oils in most bakery items, breads, cereals, and processed foods.  Food companies save about $2.00 a pound by using hydrogenated soybean oil rather than liquid canola oil.  Instead of hydrogenated oils, expeller-pressed oils add none of the risk of saturated fats and all the benefits of unsaturated fats, because they are not hydrogenated.  When you buy baked or processed foods, try to avoid products with labels that contain the words 'hydrogenated' or 'partially hydrogenated.'  Harvard's Dr. Walter Willett believes that these trans fatty acids, on a gram-for-gram basis, may be two to three times more dangerous than saturated fats."  If this is true then the fries are more deadly than the hamburger at McDonalds.

Cutting Fats -- Not Enough

Cutting fats is not enough.  He says that to keep trim we must cut out "white-based bagels, pastas, breads, cereals, muffins, and crackers."

Decrease Belly Fat by Not Being a Sugar Junkie

"I couldn't for the life of me lose the last little bit of "fat around the belly" last year.  I undertook the knee-jerk reaction of most men who train in aerobic sports: I simply worked out longer and harder while eating less food.  It didn't work.  Why?  I was trapped in a vicious cycle of eating bulk quantities of highly refined white flour disguised as what I believed to be healthy, even athletic, foods such as bagels, pastas, breads and cereals. Large quantities of refined white flours and simple sugars have a common effect.  They can cause large increases in blood sugar, raising it from a fasting level as low as 70 to 180 or higher!  This signals the body to store fat around your belly.  Why?  The high levels of blood sugar trigger your body to release excess amounts of the hormone insulin.  Each time a high blood sugar level triggers a large release of insulin, excess calories are turned into fat, which is, by preference, stored around your belly. This belly fat is the worst place to store fat, since it poses the highest risk for heart disease."

"Once I stopped eating refined flours and simple sugars, my belly fat vanished in a matter of weeks without any serious attempt to diet.  Controlling blood sugar is one of the vanishingly few 'tricks' there are to force your body to shed fat.  The body doesn't need high levels of blood sugar and functions much better on the steady, moderate level that whole grains, beans, and fruits and vegetables deliver. Excess blood sugar spills over into fat."

Sugar on Whole Grain is Fine

He says putting sugar on whole grain is o.k.  "Sugar is the great nutritional enticer and can be used for good as well as evil purposes. Sprinkled on a fatty cinnamon bun, it tricks the body into eating massive amounts of terrible food without ever producing satiety.  However, using sugar on a whole-grain cereal or oatmeal as a way of enticing you to eat really healthy foods is just fine.  A teaspoon of sugar is a meager fifteen calories.  I'd rather eat a terrific cereal with a little sugar sprinkled on it than a cereal that has masses of corn syrup embedded in it.  Fifteen calories of cane sugar on a 300-calorie bowl of oatmeal won't really affect your blood sugar and is a perfectly reasonable practice."  Books such as Protein Power and The Zone would disagree.  Arnot explains his position this way.

Glycemic Index

There are a number of books out disagreeing with the high carbohydrate, low-fat diets popularized by Pritikin, McDougall and Ornish.  They argue that these diets are harmful because they raise havoc with our insulin levels.  Arnot leans in the direction of Pritikin.  He writes, "Simple sugars and heavily processed foods aren't the only foods that can cause your blood sugar to rise rapidly.  Research measurements show that terrific foods like carrots, parsnips, and cornflakes may have the same devastating effect on your blood sugar as a candy bar."

"David Jenkins, M.D., Ph.D., of the University of Toronto, popularized this concept, calling it the Glycemic Index."

"Some scientists now scoff at the use of the Glycemic Index because they say all meals mix foods of different glycemic values so that the overall effect is produced by the combined values of the foods in the meal."

Arnot Breadfeels that whole grains are slow burning enough.  The problem is the Standard American Diet (SAD) is focused on such evils as white flour and pop.  My view is that the books against high-carb diets have a faulty argument by not differentiating between brown bread and rice and the popular white bread and rice.  They say Americans have been eating more carbs and getting fatter.  The problem with this is that Americans are eating more white flour and rice, not whole grains.

When people go to Pritikin's and McDougall's retreats and eat massive amounts of whole grains they all lower their insulin, lose weight and get healthy.  There have been many cases of old people who came to the Pritikin center who had been diabetic their whole life and were so sick they could not even walk.  They had to be wheeled into the center.  There have been dramatic cases of these kinds of people not only walking in 30 days but running marathons at the age of 80!  And some even stopped taking medication for diabetes!

Arnot write that those "who eat from vending machines, or eat meals and snacks largely composed of refined white flours, simple sugars, and foods at the high end of the scale, the result will be a meal that causes the blood sugar level to soar.  White-flour pizza with a cola and a cookie will blast your blood sugar clear through the ozone layer.  An ideal meal or snack will always contain some fiber and at least an ounce of protein.

Eat Fiber With Every MealFruit

"The more fiber you eat from whole grains, vegetables, and fruits, the slower sugar is absorbed into the blood from the intestine.  Fiber also slows the absorption of carbohydrates from the intestine into the blood stream. That reduces blood sugar levels after meals and reduces insulin concentrations.  By taking more fiber, even with foods high on the Glycemic Index Scale, you slow the blood sugar rise they would otherwise create.  The best fibers to keep blood sugar levels down are soluble fibers and include high-quality breakfast cereals, whole grains, and beans.  These are best included in every meal and snack."

Processed Food

"You may mock your 'granola' friends who appear to live on sprouts, whole wheat, and broccoli, but they have learned the truth:  much of the nutrition has been gutted from processed foods in America.  Food manufacturing and preparation leaches many of the best nutrients from foods and replaces them with cheap fillers, fats, and sugars."

"My mother is a pretty smart shopper.  She came home one day with stone-ground wheat crackers from one of the major food companies.  'See,' she said, 'we're eating healthy, too!'  I looked at the label.  The lead ingredients were enriched wheat flour, partially hydrogenated fat, and corn syrup.  I told my mother, only half kidding, that she's be better off buying poison. I went to the local health food store and bought her Hain Pure Foods Whole Wheat Crackers.  Here the lead ingredient was organically grown stone-ground whole wheat flour.  There were no fats or added sugars.  In a blind taste test, both of my parents rated the second product higher.  My mother said, sure, but isn't the health food brand more expensive?  No way!  The big food company's crackers cost $2.59 a box.  Hain's cost $1.79.  My mother said, 'I'm sold.'"


"If you're trying to avoid too much sugar, corn syrup isn't the only problem.  Nutritional scientist Dr. Luke Bucci says, 'The body handles white flour like sugar by digesting it very quickly.  Basically it's sugar strung into chains.'  Eating pure white-flour products is like mainlining sugar.  Dr. Judith Hallfrisch of the USDA says, 'White flour is very efficiently absorbed.  White bread is used as the base for the Glyceminc Index by Jenkins.  So really it's not much different than glucose.  The more fiber you eat (from whole grains), the less efficiently your gut absorbs nutrients and calories.  If you eat a lot of whole foods, it decreases efficiency so less is absorbed, and you get a decrease in the actual calories you get.  A lot of people get their carbohydrates from white flour, and that's bad because they should be getting it from fruits and vegetables -- it would solve a lot of problems.'"


Chris Whole KernalKilham spent years working for Whole Foods Market, one of the best health food store chains in the country.  He went on to write The Bread & Circus Whole Food Bible and said the following:  "Most cylinder and hammer mills are used to transform whole nutritious grains into nutritionally devoid white flour.  In the milling process, the bran and germ layers of the grains are stripped away, leaving only the white, pulpy interior kernel, or endosperm. When whole wheat is milled into white flour, as much as 83 percent of the nutrients are removed, with mostly starch remaining.  The fiber is gone, and the vitamin E content is reduced, along with 21 other nutrients.  The flour that is produced is so useless as a food that it must be fortified with synthetically manufactured thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, and iron. Thirty-five of the fifty U.S. states require that white flour be thus enriched to be sold.  White flour is also adulterated with chemicals used to age, bleach, whiten, and preserve the product."  Arnot continues, "Even though refined white flour is widely used in baking today, this author calls white flour a "nonfood."

"Critics believe that food companies use white flour because it's so cheap.  White flour costs $9.58 per hundred pounds while whole wheat flour costs $10.52 per hundred pounds. White flour is found in many brands of  the foods that men [Arnot says in his book that what he writes pertains to women as well] consider healthiest, such as bagels, pastas, breads, and cereals.  If you are having trouble losing unwanted fat, consider that, in my own case, I dropped the massive amount of pasta, bagels, and bread I ate as part of a 'healthy' diet and lost ten pounds in two weeks.  By eating whole grains I killed my hunger, steadied my blood sugar, and shed the extra pounds."

No Fruit Juice

He has many good points in his book.  I would like to mention a few.  He recommends that "if you're trying to control your weight" you should "substitute fast-burning carbs with slow-burning carbs."  He says, "While it's widely assumed that orange, grapefruit, and other fruit juices are good for you, processed juices are deficient in most naturally occurring minerals and vitamins.  There is a slogan in the health food community: 'Processed juices [such as orange juice] are to fruit what white flour is to whole grain.' ... It's better to eat the fruit."

"To some people it seems loony to give up fruit juices, pastas, bagels, white bread, and other processed foods.  However, as a strategy to lower your body fat, it's much better than the alternative, which is eating like a bird.  Rather than focusing on what you can't eat, let's look at the vast universe of terrific foods you can choose that will allow you to eat what you want and still lose fat."

Go To Bed Hungry

 Americans, he says, should stop eating big meals at dinner and eating in the evening.  We should eat hearty breakfasts and lunches and burn them off with exercise: "Americans have a curious tradition of eating the most food when it will do the least good and the most harm.  Dinner has become the centerpiece of most Americans' nutritional lives, but dinner is as close as you can come to mainlining food.  The inactivity after dinner followed by a full night's sleep opens an enormous gateway for fat to line our coronary arteries and pack on extra pounds of body fat.  Food has its biggest benefit at breakfast.  It wakes up the body and increases metabolism.  An active morning burns many of those calories.  When does food do the most good?  When taken to fuel activity and exercise.  It's at this time that you can remove guild and enjoy your food.  Food eaten in the hours before a workout is burned up during and after a workout because of the increase in body metabolism.  Food eaten immediately after a workout helps to refuel muscles and will also be burned at a faster rate because metabolism remains elevated for so long after exercise. So if you pack most of your calories into breakfast and surrounding your workout, you can enjoy more food with less worry about gaining weight.  Try going to bed hungry.  You'll sleep better and shed extra pounds of fat with ease."

Nutrition's Biggest Paradigm Shift

"The tenet held most firmly by anyone trying to lose weight is that you have to eat less food.  Nutrition's biggest paradigm shift ever is that you should eat more to lose body fat.  That has been the theme of several popular books, including Lean Bodies by Cliff Sheats and Eat More, Weigh Less by Dr. Dean Ornish."

Truth Hurts

The truth hurts, and the truth is that this world is upside down.  Earl Nightingale said only 5% are successful.  The vast majority walk like zombies following Satan who is an evil Pied Piper leading everyone to death with his enticing temptations.  White flour and white rice are tasty.  Of course, when the Messiah or the small messiahs of every area of life like those I point out in my books are considered fanatics and dangerous.  Brian Tracy teaches that mankind can only handle about 10% new truth.  More than that their brains shut down.  The Messiah comes with 100% new truth.  Food messiahs like those mentioned in this chapter are messengers of good news, but are looked at as health food nuts who are ruining the American way of life.  They are seen as too extreme and demand too much.  Those who follow them are seen as a dangerous minority.  The cattle industry took Oprah to court just because she criticized the powerful beef industry.


Oprah Mad Cowboyand her guest, the author of Mad Cowboy, were persecuted.  Human history is the sad history of groups gaining enough power use force privately such as the KKK or deprogrammers, or to get the government to use police force in an attempt to crush other points of view and other lifestyles.  The Beef  Industry used force against Oprah.  She was forced to go into their territory in a town in Texas and fight them in court.  The author of Mad Cowboy was a former cattle rancher who saw the light about how cattle industry is evil.  Fallen man hates to have the boat rocked.  Change is very difficult.  New ideas bother Satan.  He loves ignorance and riles up people against the minority with the ideal of running the rascals out of town. Eventually the truth wins out, but it often takes a long time.  Those who see it first are mocked by the majority as being weird and nonconformist. And some are attacked as being dangerous to the state because they brainwash people, especially the youth who are often more ready for new truths than their elders who are stuck in the status quo.

Like Oprah, Rev. Moon was taken to court because he upsets people with what they perceive as dangerous and radical ideas that are un-American and therefore a danger to the stability of society.  Some make a campaign out of denouncing God's champions.  Steve Hassan is like the stupid jerks in the Beef Industry who made Oprah go through her ridiculous trial.  Hassan and his crowd haven't got a clue about freedom of speech and freedom of religion.  And sadly many Americans are so uneducated because they have spent their entire youth in government schools that they will side with Hassan when he gets on TV as a so-called expert.  He accuses Rev. Moon of using "mind control."  Rev. Moon has been able to get only 2000 people in America to join his crusade since he has been in America for 25 years.  Does this sound like a master of mind control?  Moon wasn't able to get Hassan to be his slave for life.  Tens of thousands have attended UC services and workshops and 99% walk away.

There are countless stories of unspeakable abuse Priests have committed on young boys and girls in this century.  There are horror stories and just plain every day meanness going on in churches all the time.  Millions of people have joined and left religious organizations after giving money, time and their heart and then changed their mind and left.  So what?  That's life.  We live in a world where everyone has something to sell.  Just because the Beef Industry and Hassan feel they are right does not give them the right to use and encourage the use of police force against those who are speaking and acting without violence.

Hassan has made it life's work to denounce Sun Myung Moon.  He is like all the other idiots in history who have gone ballistic over what they feel is "persuasive coercion."  Oprah is powerful.  To the Beef Industry she would be a false guru using "persuasive coercion" on America in her diabolical goal of destroying a legitimate and wonderful industry that employs thousands of people and helps millions of people by giving them saturated fat laced with deadly chemicals.  If Hassan and the Beef Industry  had lived at the time of Jesus they would have been the leader in the crowd to shout for Barabas to be spared.  They would have led the people against St. Paul, Martin Luther, Servetus, Priestly, Penn and Joseph Smith.

 There is fraud everywhere.  Juries are to decide if punishment is due.  But juries are made of ordinary people and it is a jury that put Sun Myung Moon in jail because former members like Steve Hassan do not have any understanding of what religion is and in their ignorance riled up the average citizen to hate new religious movements.  When Hassan and the Beef Industry get on TV and write books and encourage the government to use force, they are just being good guy patriots on a crusade of truth and justice.  When their opponents use the media and write books and defend themselves in court, they are dangerous pied pipers using voodoo mind control on weak minds.  They are corrupting our society, ruining the lives of the youth with sophisticated psychological brainwashing techniques, and twist the meaning of the Bill of Rights when they defend themselves in court.  Betty Underwood in Hostage to Heaven accuses Moon's defense attorneys of bringing a "chilling effect" to law and order.  She is a Quaker and has forgotten the hell William Penn's father put him through for joining his cult.

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