Heart disease kills more than anything else, but cancer is what seems to scare people the most -- especially breast cancer for women and prostate cancer for men.  Cultures that eat right do not have this problem.  The main cause of cancer is bad diet.  And the main remedy for those who have it is to eat right.  There are so many books on this subject.  I haven't had time to look at Harvey Diamond's book yet on breast cancer.  Here is a picture of the book I just came across.

Iron in Blood

I don't know if the author of a book I recently read is right or not.  He says that too many people are not at peak health because they have too much iron in their bodies.  It was an interesting book.  His solution to this problem is a simple one.  Donate blood.  He says this is the only way to stop the buildup of too much iron that becomes toxic after a point.  It encourages me to give blood which is desperately needed.

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