Father says that there should be "balance" in the legislatures and in the White House. Is our goal to have 50% of Congress and 50% of all Presidents be women? I respectfully disagree. The true balance between men and women is the balance the 19th century had in their belief in "separate spheres." The traditional family had the man going out to compete with other men in the marketplace and the battlefield while women had a career of homemaking. Men were hunters and women were nesters.

It is all right for fashions to change and experimentation in architecture. We don't all have to live in ornate Victorian homes. But we should all live by the same code of behavior for men and women. The 20th century experimented with the communist/feminist ideology that rejected the traditional family. The result has been the worst century in all of human history. The little organization of the family and the big organization of nations have been devastated by the teachings of Marx and Stanton who began their revolutionary teachings in the 19th century and picked up by Franklin Roosevelt and Betty Friedan in the 20th century.


Political centralism and cultural feminism has brought incredible unhappiness to countless people in the 20th century. It has been mankind's greatest mistake. God wants us to experiment and be creative in many ways, but He does not want us to experiment with the fundamental laws of how every person is to govern his family and govern his nation. The Founding Fathers of America had a better sense of how to order a family and a nation than those in the 20th century. We have improved on their dentistry and fly in airplanes, but we are far behind them when it comes to living a Godly lifestyle.

If we take the logic that legislatures and the Presidency should be 50% female then everything in life should be done by 50% women. Half of all carpenters, roofers, pro football quarterbacks, plumbers, Army Rangers, engineers, car salesmen, lawyers, farmers, and West Point cadets should be women. The picture of a small female at West Point giving orders to a man who could easily break her in half is the height of insanity. The goal of feminists is to get 50% of West Point cadets to be female. This means that we need 50% generals to be women. Logically, 50% of combat soldiers would be women.

If we follow this line of logic then 50% of all chores done in the home will be done by men. Women have listened to the siren call of Feminist leaders and entered the workplace by droves. Who still does the cooking and cleaning at home? Women have not been liberated; they have been enslaved. Husbands and children and old folks are not being taken care of by women. Men are not ironing their shirts. Women are doing double duty. By day they compete with men and by night they cook and clean for their man. Women are profoundly unhappy and filing for divorce by the millions. The battle of the sexes is fierce. There is a terrible civil war in families and no one seems to understand why everyone is in such a rage. A few children now walk into public schools that push for androgynous blurring of the roles between boys and girls and kill everyone they can. Then the President of the United States, governors and social critics say they don't know why. I know why there is so much disunity. By studying the Divine Principle and looking at Rev. Moon's words and lifestyle we can see clearly how Satan works. Rev. Moon is the most politically incorrect speaker in America. Unfortunately, he is occasionally not consistent such as when he says that we need a woman president. Like Jesus, he loves and respects women and wants them to contribute to the providence. But we have to be totally logical and consistent. If we open the door to some feminism then it will soon be opened all way.


The President is the Commander-in-Chief of the armed forces and his first priority is to lead them in battle. This is not a job for a woman -- any woman. If Rev. Moon wants to make Mrs. Moon the leader of the UM when he dies it will slow down the providence. Putting women in leadership over men, even in the UM, emasculates men and defeminizes women. The idea of making men and women do the same things everywhere is unprincipled. Men are not going to iron half the clothes, do half the laundry and cook half the meals. When I was single, I never ironed one shirt. I took them to a laundry. When I joined the UC and fundraised for years, the sisters cooked all my meals and washed all my shirts. How many MFT captains were women? In four years of being a fundraiser and MFT captain I never met one. Once I attended a meeting of MFT captains with John Hessel (another man) and there were only brothers. His boss was Mr. Kamiyama -- another man. The President of the UC has always been a man.


The Messiah is a man. Why not a female messiah? The Messiah is the ultimate leader and therefore must be a man because only a man can have the focus and single-mindedness to find the Divine Principle, raise a wife, and build a movement that will impress Kim Il Sung. Father has rarely given women leadership and they were usually single such as Miss Kim and Onni. And these two women did not put the UC on the right track in the early days of the American movement.

Why then does Father now want 50% of Congress to be women? I think he is caught up in all the feminism in America and a desire to see women help society. But women are not to serve their country by being in the military or serve their families by working at Walmart. They can best serve by preparing nutritious meals. Women are so stressed out they can't eat right and feed their family right. They serve fattening foods that has caused an epidemic of obesity and heart disease. People put a layer of fat around them for protection from others and to look unnattractive so they will not be desirable to the opposite sex. They are getting love and joy from potato chips. And men are spaced out and not leading and teaching their wives to feed them correctly. Everything is so upside in our society it should be no surprise that we have so many problems.

A woman President would give the worst impression to evil men in this world who plot the downfall of America. The Hitlers and Sadam Husseins and Mafia godfathers would be emboldened. To balance out the strong, evil men rulers of the world we need to have strong, good men rulers. Ronald Reagan faces Gorbachev, not Nancy Reagan. Nancy's job is to make sure his shirts are ironed.

Women are to give men their thoughts and insight sometimes but are not supposed to do it on national TV like Hillary Clinton does as she leaves the traditional job of First Lady and campaigns away from her husband. Because women are not capable of combat they have no right to give anyone in the military even one order. Women can't fight so they have no business making laws and enforcing them. The logic of feminist balance is 50% women cops and 50% combat pilots. The idea of women cops a hundred years ago or 300 years ago would have been unthinkable. The government runs most of our schools and they have posters of women cops and women carpenters. It is now politically correct of believe we have made progress. The truth hurts. We have hit rock bottom. Michael Jordan wears an earring. What's next? Men wearing dresses and lipstick? Women wearing ties and wing-tipped shoes? The result of the feminist crusade to blur the roles is the Clintons. Compare Clinton's family to the families of the President's who are on Mt. Rushmore.

The Divine Principle is the truth because it blends science and religion. It is logical and rational. Satan's way is disorder and chaos. God wants people to be happy. Women cannot find happiness in the marketplace. Women who say they do are not in touch with their original mind. They are possessed by low spirits and the muddled thinking of feminist leaders in the media. Don't listen to people who say that premarital sex, alcohol, cigarettes and women competing with men in the police force brings happiness and fulfillment. Satan's greatest lie is that women who make a career of their home are slaves in their confinement. The truth is that taking care of a family is a full-time job and is as exciting, if not more, than men building bridges and harvesting rice in the fields. Men go out to fight bad guys as cops and sailors while women stay home nurturing children and knitting sweaters and caring for the elderly. It is insanity for any man to stay home and change diapers and care for grandma while his wife sleeps in a tent near a battlefield at night and shoots bullets at bad guys by day for months on end thousands of miles away.

The focus of this book is to argue points from a religious viewpoint. The problem with this approach is that many do not honor the Bible and even many who do, read it differently or reject it as out dated. This is the 21st century and what does it have to do with us, some will say. Phil Donahue pioneered the talk shows. He wrote an autobiography saying he gave up the Catholic Church and would never let a religious leader tell him what to do. Sometimes he would have religious people on his show who would say how happy they are to live by Biblical values. He would always say that if it worked for them, then that was great, but there was no one way for all people to live. And he made it obvious that not many would believe in the traditional family taught by the Bible because it made no sense. He influenced millions of people to be feminists who see the Bible and old-fashioned values as so absurd that only the uneducated and dumb could believe it. Religion is seen by most people as being irrational. The difficulty is separating the baby from the bathwater. Many beliefs of Christianity are superstitious and make science fiction writers look unimaginative. But the teaching that men are the head of the house who provide and protect their families is as scientific and logical and true as the law of gravity. The reason the Divine Principle will sweep the earth is because it explains the scientific and rational meanings of many passages in the Bible. And the UM is correct in its denunciation of feminism. But it can't have its cake and eat it too when they think that women are objects and can also be cops and commander-in-chief.

For many, the arguments in this book mean nothing because they don't respect the Bible and other religious teachings. For them, scientific proof is what they need to make them believe something is right or wrong. I would like to take some time and focus on the scientific argument that men should not iron while their wives are drill instructors.

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