An excellent writer on this is Anne Moir who has two books, Brain Sex and Why Men Don't Iron: The Science of Gender Studies. In Brain Sex we learn that science has backed up what previous generations know as common sense. Men and women are different. They are not equal in "aptitude, skill or behaviour." If we try to "build a society" thinking "men and women are interchangeable" then we are living a "social myth" -- "a biological and scientific lie."

She writes, "The sexes are different because their brains are different. The brain, the chief administrative and emotional organ of life, is differently constructed in men and women," ... "There has been an explosion of scientific research into what makes the sexes different." Their research shows "startling sexual asymmetry."

Feminists hate the idea of science proving them wrong in their crusade to make equality equal to sameness. John Stossel had a TV special about this topic. When he interviewed Gloria Steinem about this massive research, she said she didn't want to hear it.

We can win against Steinem's crusade, but we must also be on guard to keep them from persuading people from twisting the obvious fact of differences to mean that women should be cops because they can add their unique talents of communication and heart to how a police officer faces a criminal. There may be times when a woman cop was better than men and talked a criminal into laying down his weapon, but there has been more harm than good because women have invaded the police force and military. Evil men are encouraged by weakness and good men are distracted from their duty by having a woman sitting in his squad car or foxhole.

The UC should know better. We are the ultimate anti-communists. This means we should be the ultimate anti-feminists. Communism is for equality or sameness in all things. Their mantras are "balance", "fairness", and "equality." But Satan corrupts these words. The Left is obsessed with attacking the concept of competition and differences, but it is the Right that creates harmony through complementary roles instead of competition between men and women.

Just because some men can iron clothes in their homes better than their wife, doesn't mean anything. That is so rare it doesn't even matter to look at these confused people. Even those men should not do it. They are not in tune with their masculinity. Ideally, children's chores in the home should be a division of labor. Boys should help Dad paint the house and mow the yard. Girls help Mom make dinner and iron their brother's shirts.

If a woman becomes ill or even dies, other women friends should take up her duties. Men and women have so many problems between them because they don't know what their roles are anymore. And even if they did, they do not have the support of others who live nearby. Rev. Moon has given the vision of trinities living in communities. Women can do laundry together and men can paint houses together. There is strength in numbers. Satan's tactic has been to get people isolated into lonely nuclear families. Then he picks them off. Who would divorce or become addicted to drugs such as food, alcohol, tobacco and TV if they lived in a loving community where everyone had wholesome values?

Women need women friends. A husband and children are not enough to make a woman happy. Men are wired so differently from women that it takes great effort for them to communicate and overcome the loneliness each feels. Women need friends around them all day long. Men also need friends to go fishing with and to help counsel and befriend their sons. True communities would be debt-free and each family would own their own home. Socialist communes do not bring happiness or prosperity. For more on this see my chapter on co-housing communities in my book Freedom Works.

Women have left their isolated 3 bedroom, 2 bath homes in the suburb because they think men have more exciting jobs and they can contribute their talents to society better by competing with men. What they need is other adult women, not adult men in their lives. God's way is division of labor. Women cannot find true love when they boss men around or get bossed around by other men. Marx and Friedan disparage ironing, but the truth is that a career in the home is just as noble and helps society as much as a man who runs a dry cleaning shop. When the UM builds loving communities that live by God's division of labor, then 60 Minutes will show up and tell the world how great we are.

In the movie, My Fair Lady, there is a famous song that goes, "Why can't a woman be more like a man?" In Brain Sex we read that feminist leaders have "sought to misdirect and deny" peoples "very essence." "Many women in the last thirty or forty years have been brought up to believe that they are, or should be, 'as good as the next man', and in the process they have endured acute and unnecessary pain, frustration and disappointment. They were led to believe that once they had shaken off the shackles of male prejudice and oppression -- the supposed source of their second-class status -- the gates of the promised land of equal achievement would be thrown open; women would be free at last to scale and conquer the commanding heights of the professions."

"Instead, in spite of greater emancipation in terms of education, opportunity, and social attitudes, women are not noticeably 'doing better' than they were thirty years ago. Mrs. Thatcher is still the exception which proves the rule. There were more women in the British Cabinet in the 1930s than there are at present. ... Some women, seeing how far their sex has fallen short of the supposed ideal of power-sharing, feel that they have failed. But they have only failed to be like men."

"The biggest behavioural difference between men and women is the natural, innate aggression of men, which explains to a large degree their historical dominance of the species."

"Men and women could live more happily, understand and love each other better, organize the world to better effect, if we acknowledged our differences. We could then build our lives on the twin pillars of our distinct sexual identities. It is time to cease the vain contention that men and women are created the same. They were not, and no amount of idealism or Utopian fantasy can alter the fact. It can only strain the relationship between the sexes."

"A hundred years ago, the observation that men were different from women, in a whole range of aptitudes, skills, and abilities, would have been a leaden truism, a statement of the yawning obvious."

"Such a remark, uttered today, would evoke very different reactions. Said by a man, it would suggest a certain social ineptitude, a naïveté in mattes of sexual politics, a sad deficiency in conventional wisdom, or a clumsy attempt to be provocative. A woman venturing such an opinion would be scorned as a traitor of her sex, betraying the hard-fought 'victories' of recent decades as women have sought equality of status, opportunity and respect."

"Yet the truth is that virtually every professional scientist and researcher into the subject has concluded that the brains of men and women are different. There has seldom been a greater divide between what intelligent, enlightened opinion presumes -- that men and women have the same brain -- and what science knows -- that they do not."

Inevitability of Patriarchy

"Thepursuit of power is overwhelmingly and universally a male trait. American expert Dr. Steven Goldberg, in his Inevitability of Patriarchy" says that "the average man is readier to display aggressive behaviour than the average woman." (He has updated this book and is now titled Why Men Rule).

"There is scant evidence that the gospel of feminism and the denial of sexual differences have made marriages any more blissful either for women or men. An appreciation of sex differences is more likely to promote a cease-fire in the battle of the sexes than are naive promulgations of the 'good news' that there are no important differences."

"Our problem is that for the first time in history we are educating girls and boys in a virtually identical manner. The school syllabus reflects, and encourages youngsters to believe in, the assumption of sameness. Marriage, then, comes as something of a shock. 'We don't seem to be bringing up the two sexes to get married to each other,' says the author of a recent study of marriage; 'it is hardest for all of us to admit today that the two sexes come to marriage with very different expectations, talents, and emotional training.'"

She counsels women saying: "Raging at men's innate maleness is as useful as raging against the weather, or the existence of the Himalayas ... it is rather more sensible to put on a raincoat, and abandon plans to bulldoze Everest. Yet some women believe that the only salvation lies in relandscaping our entire social and sexual planet."

We all have a "problem" from "the apostles of sexual sameness who set the agenda; they would enact the laws and ban the sexist books in a vain attempt to divert children from their natural sex identities. But the idea that we are all born with a clean slate of a mind, a tabula rasa ready for society to print its message upon, is a totalitarian's dream. And if, after all, we are what we are because of our biology, is it not as monstrous and hopeless a task to eliminate our differences as it was to create a master race? There is a disturbing whiff of sexual fascism in the premises and prescriptions of those who advocate sexual neutrality."


"At the turn of the century, even a generation ago, women were not so confused. They had come to acknowledge their own sexuality, and, as far as equality was concerned, they knew that power takes many forms. For men, power traditionally consists in dominance and aggression ... Women's power was something subtler, the force that creates relationships, binds families, and builds societies. Women who understand this, and do not deprecate the value and power of this intrinsic, invaluable, and essential quality of their sex, have fewer qualms about their status."

Marriage takes work, but we need to know how men and women are innately different if our energy to work on our marriages is to fruitful. "Marriages go wrong when men and women fail to acknowledge, or begin to resent, each other's complementary differences."

She writes how Lionel Tiger's book Women in the Kibbutz shows that socialist/feminist "social engineering" did not overcome biology. "Girls and boys," she writes, "grew up with virtually interchangeable roles. Children were reared communally, and the household duties of cooking and laundry were a community rather than a family, responsibility. The expectation was that, with the passing of several neutral generations, sexual differentiation would evaporate, and sexist stereotyping would become a memory as remote as slavery is to the newest generation of America's blacks."

"But that did not happen. Three or four generations later, the children of the kibbutz are still stubbornly clinging to their traditional roles. The women are returning to maternal roles." She quotes Prof. Tiger who says, "They have acted against the principles of their socialization and ideology, against the wishes of the men of their communities, against the economic interest of the kibbutzim, in order to be able to devote more time and energy to private maternal activities rather than to economic and political ones." ... "It is a reassertion by women themselves of their fundamental, innate bio-grammar against a system which, like most Utopias, has been created by men."


She says men simply do not do housework. "Even in Scandinavian countries, where sex roles have been reemphasized, feeding the family, washing, cleaning and child care are done by wives in 70 per cent of families, while husbands pay the bills and undertake routine household maintenance."


Ann Moir writes in her book Why Men Don't Iron: The Science of Gender Studies that men's brains are very different than women's brains. Genetically, men are not made to iron and do what the traditional housewife does. Men don't iron. Women's brains are not biologically the same as men and cannot function very well in traditional male roles. Women do iron. Why fight human nature? Balance is achieved when men and women do what God made them to do. It is logical that women are made to be homemakers and men the breadwinners. It is not extremist to say that this is an absolute. It is logical. The Bible says so and science says so.




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