"We live in a world where we are no longer surprised to find a female prime minister, a female judge, a female rabbi or a female pilot. But there are still remarkably few women in top jobs, considering the large increase in the number of well-educated women."

"This is likely to remain the case."


"This, of course, is heresy to those idealists who maintain that, since the sexes are identical, identical education will lead inevitably to an equality of achievement. With the best will in the world, the sexes, when given the choice, don't choose to study the same subjects, do better or worse at particular subjects according to their sex, and, even when men and women achieve equal academic success, do not always maintain an equal momentum in success at work."

She explains how women are overwhelmingly not interested in leadership. Margaret Thatcher and Golda Meir are flukes -- about as rare as women leaders in the Bible. She says, "If politics is really about 'serving the community' or 'helping people' (as the male candidates proclaim) then it might seem women are better equipped to do the job. But back in the kibbutz, in spite of complete formal equality in political rights, women have become less active in the kibbutz parliament, and while well represented on committees dealing with social, educational and cultural matters, they are 'seriously underrepresented in committees dealing with economy, work, general policy-making, and security'. The higher the level of authority, the wider the gap between men and women; six men in every hundred reached the highest levels of power, but only six women in every thousand."


Rev. Moon says America needs a woman president. Why not half of the Presidents be women? Is that what he wants? To be perfectly balanced then the Vice-President should be of the opposite sex. All of this is nonsense. Women simply are not wired to be leaders over men in any area of life. It is not only ridiculous that we push women into leadership in Washington D.C., but it is irresponsible. It will continue to be a dangerous world for many years to come. America has fought wars in which the freedom of the world hinged on our victory. The idea of a woman leading America in the Revolutionary War or Civil War is absurd. Washington spent seven long years fighting the greatest military force in the world. Women at Valley Forge is unthinkable. A woman leading hundreds of thousands of men to their death in the Civil War, as Lincoln did, is inconceivable to any clear thinking person. Think of FDR and his generals in WW2, Truman dropping the atomic bomb on children, and MacArthur wanting to fight the Chinese in the Korean War. MacArthur said: "In war, there is no substitute for victory."

He once said in a speech, " As the line of battle rolls forward to bring you within the zone of operations, rise and strike. Strike at every favorable opportunity. For future generations of your sons and daughters, strike! In the name of your sacred dead, strike! Let no heart be faint. Let every arm be steeled, the guidance of the Divine God points the way. Follow His name to the Holy Grail of righteous victory." What woman would say such a thing?

Government is force and women have no place there. Father's motivation is for women to do public service, but being a U.S. Senator is not the way for a woman to help others. Government welfare is a bureaucratic nightmare. Women are best at the intimate level of local charity.


"... the bias of the adult male brain expresses itself in high motivation, competition, single-mindedness, risk-taking, aggression, preoccupation with dominance, hierarchy, and the politics of power, the constant measurement and comparison of success itself, the paramountcy of winning -- everything which we found in the male as an adolescent. To the woman -- to the average woman, that is -- this all matters rather less."


Fortune 500 companies are always attacked by feminists for discriminating against women. She writes that one company "was attacked for not promoting enough women as managers. This stung the company, as it prided itself on its vigorous affirmative action policy, in which it went out of its way to favour women for corporate advancement." They hired a respected company to study why and guess what the results were? They found "that the gender difference in promotion rate was due entirely to differences in motivation. Women clerks, they found, were less willing to relocate than men, or work longer hours, and were less inclined to see their job as the first rung on the corporate career ladder."

She quotes Michael Levin who wrote in his book Feminism and Freedom: "There is no cosmic cashier dispensing wages for a virilised brain. Nobody gets paid without performing. But because men try harder more often, they will, if not forcibly prevented, succeed more often than women in attaining highly-paid positions." She says women should not feel guilty to be homemakers or if they do not climb the corporate ladder as fast as men. She is wrong in saying that "intelligent businesses are learning the value of gentler management. ... Feminine virtues seem to be good for business." She is wrong. Feminism is so deeply entrenched that even Moir cannot see the illogic of saying that men are innately more competitive and then they should deny their essence and be less macho and more feminine. This thinking goes down the road of everyone now believing women make good cops to balance the macho male cop who when facing a criminal now has the help of a little woman with a big gun working her magic of communication skills. Men are generally compassionate enough in the market place and in the home if they are left alone. What woman can say she has shed more tears than the Messiah? Father was critical of President Jimmy Carter for being weak and made Reagan President because God needs strong leaders. Carter was too feminine. America does not need "gentler management" from its President. Reagan had a gentle, compassionate side, but he also had the guts to stand up to Communism. Sun Myung Moon can be gentle, but he is the strongest, most macho man who has ever lived.

Men are risk takers. One of the most dramatic risks in history was MacArthur's landing at Inchon during the Korean War. Do we want a woman to be a general?


Women are not the dreamers and planners that men are. They are made to live in the now. Women are not interested in hearing a man talk about what he is going to do and what it is going to be like. She doesn't care about his dreams that much. She is more interested in the now, the present. After he goes on and on about the future she will get impatient and say, "What are you going to do right now?" She is happy if he is happy now. Women want to see immediate action. They are geared to deal with children who also have no sense of the future. This does not mean that women are not totally bored about the future and men are not practical and in the now. It just means that overwhelmingly it is men who are the dreamers and goal setters as Admirals or CEOs. That is why there is very few women leaders in the UM. They are moved by the idealism and vision of Sun Myung Moon and work hard on his campaigns, but they are not interested in the long term planning that is required to build the kingdom. This does not mean they are less than men. They are different. And they should not be mixed. Each has their role to fulfill and no one has more value than anyone else. Someday women will influence their husbands to make statues of housewives. How about a big statue next to George Washington of Martha serving her husband? Women's magazines always list women in the workplace as role models who lead exciting lives and make the world a better place to live in. Instead of Katherine Hepburn as an example of a woman who has been "fulfilled" we should look to homemakers as those who are not only happier, but have contributed more than the immoral Hepburn.


Men see into the future, just as the Founding Fathers of America did. The Messiah sees thousands of years into the future. This is impossible for women to do. That is why a man must be the Messiah. That is why men must lead. They have the vision. Women like Thatcher and Meir are like mutants -- strange anomalies -- like some freak in a circus.

"Even in a trade or profession where women are in the majority, the higher career levels are usually overwhelmingly occupied by men. So, 96 per cent of nurses are women, yet almost all the people in charge of the hospitals are men; in the US, 83 per cent of elementary school teachers are women, yet 81 percent of school principals are men. A recent British survey of women in the medical profession showed that although women in the medical profession showed that although women represented about half of all medical students, only 2 per cent of medicine's higher jobs were held by women." It was national news recently that one of the rare women at the top of American business, the CEO of Pepsi, quit her job to become a soccer mom.

Moir writes, "Something has clearly gone wrong to cause this shudder in the progress of female emancipation. Why, in spite of equal educational opportunity, and even in those cases when men and women score equal academic results, is there so little equality of achievement?"

"One obvious answer is that many women have to do two jobs -- one at home, looking after the children, and one in the world of paid work. That's clearly an important consideration. But there's another element as well: work, success, and ambition simply mean different things to the different sexes."


"A key study investigates the success rate of people working in colleges and universities. Male academics scored higher than women in the conventional measurement of academic success -- getting more papers published, for instance. Intriguingly, the men did better than their unmarried, and childless, female academic colleagues. The explanation that women are handicapped by their role as mothers and wives is not, then, a convincing one."

Men are into power and things. They go out and bring home the wheat. The women find fulfillment in baking the bread. If men bake bread, they will bake thousands of them at a bread factory. Women are not interested in factories. They are interested in the cozy home they decorate and in being in other women's cozy homes.

Because of biology "Men are interested in the worlds of things and of power. Women may predominate numerically in a trade or a profession because it reflects their priorities, but when men enter it they will demand and achieve a disproportionate amount of authority -- because hierarchies and dominance are in the male scheme of things."


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