I find it interesting that there is a word for hating women called misogynist, but no word for women hating men. "Misandrist" would be the logical word to counter misogynist, but many dictionaries don't carry the word. Our culture hates men. Tiger says, "there remains in public discourse a formalized disdain among women for men. Women who hazard support for male values, such as Camille Paglia, are widely disdained by feminist writers."


A famous feminist since the 1970s is Germaine Greer. The New Republic reviewed her book The Whole Woman in an article titled "The Female Misogynist."

The author says Greer's new book is "a sour and undiscriminating litany of charges against men -- all men, men as nature created them -- wrapped around the willfully obtuse argument that little or nothing has improved for American and European women over the last thirty years. The Whole Woman presents men as irredeemable and equality as a hoax."

Men are "freaks of nature ... full of queer obsessions about fetishistic activities and fantasy goals." They are single-minded, and "single-mindedness produces hideously anti-social behaviors, from pedophile rings to waging war."

In Greer's view, however, men are "doomed to competition and injustice, not merely towards females, but towards children, animals, and other men."

The reviewer wonders why The Whole Woman is a bestseller in England: "Why does the Knopf catalogue praise the book as a 'shattering critique' and a "call to arms'? The Whole Woman is empty-headed vehemence of a discouragingly familiar kind.

"In 1970, The Female Eunuch made Germaine Greer famous, and it made feminism famous, too. 'Every self-respecting woman on the Left owned a copy or still owns a copy somewhere around the house, dog-eared and coffee-stained with use,' Lisa Jardine recently recalled in the London Observer. [F]or women born in the immediate postwar years, there was `before Greer' and `after Greer'; the book, and Germaine's attention-grabbing brand of stand-up comic, in-your-face assertiveness taught us all how to behave badly and take control of our lives.' The Female Eunuch was the sort of book that wives read in defiance of their husbands, copping a thrill of insurrection. It was the sort of book, according to Christine Wallace's informants in Untamed Shrew, her new biography of Greer, that broke up dinner parties, sending fondue sets crashing to the floor.

"Greer herself was a 31-year-old Cambridge Ph.D. in 1970, transplanted from Sydney and living the Boho life in London. Within a year of publishing The Female Eunuch, she had debated Norman Mailer in a truculent disputation at Town Hall in New York, turned up on the cover of Life magazine as the 'saucy feminist that even men like,' and inspired innumerable women to stop wearing underpants. She was, in short, the 'libbers' first real celebrity, a crossover-hit, with one Mary Quant-ified leg firmly in the counterculture and one firmly in the bestseller lists.


"In the men-are-dogs theory of life, anatomy is destiny. Men always have been, and always will be, loutish, messy, insensitive, and helplessly programmed to spread their seed far and wide. Women always have been, and always will be, the moral betters of men, and also their dupes.

"You see it in those posters hanging in dorm rooms that say '10 Reasons Why a Dog is Better than a Man.'"

"Men-Are-Dogs-ism finds other support in the culture as well. It draws on the sort of 'difference feminism' in which women are seen as morally superior creatures -- more empathetic, kinder, better listeners, and so on. This tradition of feminine self-congratulation extends from the subset of suffragists who argued for the sweetly civilizing consequences of the women's vote to Carol Gilligan and Deborah Tannen in our day.

"Another clue is Greer's tendency to elevate minor complaints about men to the status of gender oppression. Not only are men bellicose and competitive and slovenly. They also 'pay less heed to traffic lights' and 'brake harder and later.' Oh, and they fish too much. Greer has a real bee in her bonnet about fishing, which I must say would seem to be rather a benign pursuit, unless you are a trout. Yet she sees it as yet another male plot to escape us. She insists, darkly, that 'women of any age are not welcome on the riverbank.' The danger is everywhere."

The writer of this review doesn't mention or perhaps does not even know that Greer is just being openly honest about what most women feel about men -- contempt. That most people approve of women being cops proves me right. Women can delude themselves that they love men and children and are not radical feminists but the truth is the opposite and it hurts. Try telling a woman that women cops are an abomination of God and see where you get. They will swear at you and demand that you get off your soapbox. I know. I hear it all the time. I am not intimidated by feminists anymore than I am intimidated by someone who argues that the earth is flat which is equal to today's belief that there is truth in the Soviet heros -- Lenin, Marx and Engels. I'm not interested in just a soapbox. I'm shouting it from the housetops.

Ruling Ideology

Feminism is the ruling ideology and that is why there is a 50% divorce rate, women having very few babies, and working with men while their children are in loveless day care centers. The 19th century women wore dresses, had many children and didn't file for divorce. Today they wear the pants -- literally and figuratively in the family and file for divorce by the millions. And everyone sympathizes with them saying it is not their fault. It's all the man's fault. Bill Clinton, they say, is totally to blame. Monica and Hillary are just victims who have no responsibility in the breakdown of the First Family or any families. The truth is that women initiate most of the division in the family.


Some say that it is inevitable because these are the Last Days and women are leaving men by the droves in a subconscious search for the true man. The problem with this is that when they do find the Messiah, it is they who are more inclined to betray him. The Messiah has had three wives. He is not easy to follow. There is no good or high reason why so many women are abandoning their families. They are just possessed by Lucifer to act just as Eve did in the garden who found stupid arguments for not helping and following Adam. Men must stand up to this and not join feminists in male bashing. There are, of course, evil men. But there are also vicious and cruel women. What I'm writing about is the Clintons of this world. Men are not biologically inferior and women are doomed to live with scumbag men. Hillary drove her husband to the arms of another woman. She is totally out of order. He has to take responsibility for what he did and eventually he did. Someday Hillary will see her part in this tragedy and apologize for what she did to her family and how she hurt millions of other families by her feminist example of putting socialist/feminist ideology before her husband and God.


Tiger does not know that the root problem is the loss of Godly patriarchy. In Crisis in America: Father absence, Frank Ancona hits the nail on the head when he writes that America is not great anymore: "We have lost everything -- we lost it all -- when we lost ... patriarchy."

"Now we are without fathers. We are without the paternal function that is responsible for maturing individuals and weaning them away from the selfish, dependencies of adolescence. We have emasculated our nation. Today, in America, all things masculine are evil. Everything male is to be opposed and rejected, replaced by a 'new and better' feminine sensitivity that accepts all things as equal in its unconditional generosity and desire for total inclusion."

"Fathers are important. Fathers teach us about restrictive love, about the value of love when it is earned instead of thrown at us. Fathers bring maturity. Fathers help us achieve independence. Fathers provide us with identities. Fathers encourage us to 'push the envelope' and take risks. They make us strive to become better and better. We need fathers!"

"Once upon a time, America was the greatest nation on the face of the earth. Once upon a time, there were fathers in America."

"Violence -- senseless violence. Gangs. Rape. Crime. Murder. Substance abuse. Denigration of women. Racism. No conscience. No remorse. Reckless promiscuity. Irresponsibility. Divorce and single-parenting. Babies having babies. Abortion as birth control. Dependence on government as a way of life. Rebellion. Hatred of authority and authority figures. An educational system in crisis. Victim mentality. The loss of religion and spirituality. Polarization. What am I describing here? Unfortunately, the behaviors and attitudes of an ever growing segment of our American youth. Why? How did this happen? Many blame the dissolution of the family. But that's incorrect. The dissolution of the family is, most certainly, a tragedy; however, it is merely a symptom, not a cause."

"The cause is the loss of the paternal function. In short, we are without fathers."


"Patriarchy has become a 'four-letter word' in American society today. Everything 'male' -- another four-letter word -- is hateful and ignorant. The paternal function has been so devalued, in fact, that it no longer has any worth whatsoever."

America, he says, is "sick" and "dying without the function of fathers."

"Masculinity is being thrashed and denigrated on every front. Males are being blamed for every atrocity from the beginning of time to now, deserved or otherwise. Every positive trace of manhood is being expunged from American culture. Even the 'old world' roots of the patriarchal system are being redefined and purposely villainized in a mean-spirited and, oftentimes, inaccurate rewriting of our history. Try to remember the last time you heard our 'founding fathers' praised for anything. Try to remember the last time you heard the term 'founding fathers,' especially from our news media or in our schools. Yet, ironically enough, none of this 'male bashing' is really doing much to help women. Today's women are overworked, underpaid, and unappreciated. They are competing against men at the loss of their femininity; they are embracing the worst aspects of masculinity -- like going to war -- while denying the greatness of maternity. They pursue independence, only to find themselves more dependent on others than ever before. They are 'married' to big government instead of husbands; however, their meager earnings are taxed by this uncaring, inhuman lover ever more heavily, while they receive only 'drips and drags' back."


Women have now invaded the military and weakened it. "There is a feminine sense of consciousness that the military is really a barbaric concept which would simply dissipate if it weren't for the 'macho' aggressive nature of males. The belief is, if we trusted others and learned to 'talk' and communicate, there would be no need for a military." In every area of life -- from the military to the schools to the boardroom -- women have revolutionized it for the worse by leaving their position. Men are like wimpy Adams in the face of women's so-called liberation. The only thing that has been liberated is men and women from working within God's boundaries. Freedom comes with responsibility and Adam and Eve listened to Satan's idea of creativity and fulfillment. Unificationists should be the world's leaders in teaching and living God's true family values.


The Mormons and Southern Baptists have publicly announced their written rules for the family. Clinton laughed at them and joined his wife in the Methodist church that rejects those teachings. Who is growing? The Methodists or Mormons?" The Mormons and Southern Baptists are strong and growing. Liberal churches like the Methodists are declining because they are not of God. When the UC writes the value of patriarchy into its statement of beliefs it will grow faster than any church in history. Why? Because it has the Divine Principle that explains the Bible instead of the Mormons and Baptists who cannot give a logical view of the Bible. They don't know who Jesus really was. We do. The new Messiah is a patriarch and teaches it over and over. He has tried to tell American sisters to stop being the "bones" and be the "flesh," but they do not have ears to hear. And brothers have neither the insight or guts to stand up to them. And God forbid anyone who does. He will be shouted down as a right-wing, extremist dominator who has no sense of humor.

It's time for the UC to wake up and see why it has not grown, even with Father living in our country. It's time to see that his followers have missed the boat and been digested by feminism. It's time to stand up and say no to the idea that women are to be Senators who lead us into war with monster patriarchs. The problem with America is the same problem the UM has -- weak leadership in the home and workplace. It's time to overcome our sick, feminist culture and be champions of God.


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