Obedience is seen as neurotic. Bumper stickers say "Question Authority." We live in an age of rebellion. The truth is that obedience to authority is the essence of God's will. God's plan is for God to guide men who in turn guide women who in turn guide children. The man speaks for God to women, and women speak for God to their children.


Free Will

Men have the free will to not follow God, and women have the freedom to not follow men but there are consequences for actions. And the consequence for not following legitimate authority is chaos.


Since mankind has given up on patriarchy because men are not seen as legitimate authorities, the result is the chaos we see today. President Clinton and Hillary are the most famous example. They are completely out of order. They are the epitome of Tocqueville's prediction that America would decline if women accept feminism.


Feminist ideology is so entrenched that to teach patriarchy is analogous to the situation of those pioneers who taught that the earth was round.




Patriarchy is now seen as slavery. Satan has successfully taught everyone to see that the situation of slaves is the same as a submissive wife. It's really apples and oranges but not to feminists. Slaves have no freedom, no unique personality, no rights, no dignity, no dreams, no respect, and no happiness. The biblical submissive wife is seen as a slave who has no brain and no chance to grow. She has no relationship to God, no power to mold her life or have dreams. She is inferior to her husband -- a doormat that has no more value than a dog who worships his master.


To compare slavery to wifely submission is as ludicrous as it is to compare slavery to male submission to the authority figures in his life. Feminism is an evil ideology that tricks people into being rebellious. Satan does not want to submit to God. He rules mankind by working through women to be arrogant and leave their position. This drives men to violence and addictions. The list of addictions is very long. President Clinton is addicted to two of the most popular ones -- food and sex.


Feminists have converted everyone to believing that patriarchy has been the cause of the battles between nations and battles between men and women. The truth is that women have always been like Eve who is married to Satan instead of their Adam. Restoration is the process of getting women to stop acting like Eve and getting men to stop acting like Adam. Cain physically killed Abel because Eve spiritually killed Adam. To restore the fall women must follow their husbands (a man) instead of the angel Lucifer.


I believe that it will take several generations before this will happen for western women. There is more respect for patriarchy in the eastern culture. Sadly the East is now being converted to feminism by the West. It took feminists 72 years to get the vote and another 72 years to get women elected as chief of police in some cities. Perhaps they will achieve the greatest castration act of all time and get a woman elected by men to be their American Commander-In-Chief.


Perhaps it will take 70 years to get women to accept the ideology of male leadership and another 70 years to go from accepting the theory to actually putting it into practice. It's one thing to accept the truth that smoking is bad and another for people to quit doing it. After many years of some teaching that smoking is totally bad, people have shifted from thinking that it is cool to being disgusting. Society is now in the process of being taught that McDonalds is wrong and that lower fat diets are healthy. In time everyone will be educated and know that french fries are not cool but disgusting. Then in time the body will follow the mind and people will give up smoking and french fries. McDonalds will continue to win for many years to come but the truth always rises.


Those of us who know these truths can take comfort in knowing that truth will triumph over falsehood. It is easy to give up and let others fight for truth because Satan is so powerful, but God is greater. God is behind all the efforts of those precious pioneers such as Nathan Pritikin who fought for abolishing french fries and Milton Freedman for less government regulation. But in the hierarchy of truth, the one that tops the list is patriarchy.


This truth is the one Satan fights the most. It is the truth that is most buried. Even those few religious people who profess that women are to submit to men don't really know the depth of this truth. Women who have written about patriarchy such as Helen Andelin have only scratched the surface. To really understand patriarchy we must understand Sun Myung Moon. Rev. Moon's wife is the epitome of a submissive wife. She follows without complaint. For providential reasons she has been treated badly by him. Rev. Moon has done everything wrong according to Mormon or fundamental Christian definitions of patriarchy. True Mother followed Father even though he has treated her harshly and cruelly. Some of their own children don't understand this.


This is the typical scenario of human history. God is seen as cruel or at the least He asks for the impossible. To this world God makes no sense. Satan makes sure of that. Satan blurs the real truth. His way is fun and easy. Fallen man is weak and stupid. They kill Jesus, lock Sun Myung Moon in jail, and broadcast his daughter's rebellion throughout the land.


The real truth is that it is easier to follow God who speaks through the Messiah -- a man -- than it is to take the consequences of not following him. And what does the messiah say that women must do to restore this world? The messiah teaches that women are to absolutely follow their husbands. The messiah is mortal. He will die but his philosophy will live forever. Husbands will exist by the billions forever on this earth. They are the Adams who must not be dominated by their Eves.


Tough Love


God is for massive tough love in these last days. He is for order -- for laws instead of emotions. Within his boundaries there is freedom, creativity and love. Within patriarchy, men and women reach their potential. The true degree to which women follow men is not known by those few Christians such as the Promise Keepers who correctly teach that men must be the head of the house, but are so wimpy they can’t say men must be the sole provider. All men are to be like Sun Myung Moon who absolutely rules his household. That his first wives or some of his children rebel against him does not stop or slow him down. He is right, and they will return someday.


After the 60 Minutes episode, Father defended himself and said that he has even married his first wife to somebody. Obviously, she has repented for her past disobedience and now follows him. She went crazy in the early years of their marriage. True Mother followed without complaint. All women must bow to True Mother who has shown that it is possible to be a perfect follower.


The response to me from UC sisters (only western sisters have written me) has been one of disgust. Not one woman agrees with my interpretation of Sun Myung Moon. They all feel that the relationship between men and women is horizontal, not vertical.


Father says he and Mother have never fought. Why is this? It is because when he was treating her harshly like a lowly servant for years on end and then dragging her all over the world away from her babies, she never argued with him. She did not badmouth him like his first wife did. She did not throw things and slam doors like his first wife did. She quietly followed, smiled at the media and when she rarely opened her mouth, she talked reverently of Father. She has always said he is the greatest man who has ever lived. She is the ultimate role model of the godly wife. She doesn't talk about how God has spoken to her and God has said something different from her husband. She doesn't talk about things different from what he talks about. Nansook found her boring. This is how feminists view subservient wives.


Absolutes not extreme


God's way seems extreme to fallen men and women, but it is really normal. Absolutes are normal -- not the mush Satan teaches. Men are to be kings in their castles instead of wimps in their little houses.


In this transition period men must command respect and women must obey. Weak and misguided fundamental Christians think men can never pull rank and demand obedience. These are the same weak men that lost North Korea, Vietnam and didn't put Saddam Hussein in jail. Weakness in the home has led to weakness internationally. Men need to become stern. They are too touchy feely now. It is not of God to treat feminists with kid gloves. Father speaks strongly and scares the hell out of everyone. He comes with a tongue of fire and weak fallen man runs to Satan for security. It is time for mankind to wake up to Satan. It is time to grow up and become strong men and women who are in harmony. Men are to focus on becoming powerful and women are to focus on serving their men.


I know. I know. Christians quote scripture that says men are to use persuasion and never raise their voice. Leaders do have the responsibility to lead correctly but this seems to be the only focus of the Promise Keepers. The problem with this interpretation of the Bible or Master Speaks is that it is easily twisted into male bashing. It is wrong to concentrate on how a man leads instead of focusing on the massive disobedience by women in our culture. It ends up in a swamp where men are seen as not capable of leading because they are flawed. It becomes a slippery slope where women think they can't follow because men are not perfect. This leads quickly into thinking that women are led by God too and she must enlighten her "ridiculous" husband.


Women are to pray to God to get strength to follow their men, not to get insights into how to lead their family or the world. Women can't think they will follow absolutely until their husband is absolutely God centered. That makes about as much sense as saying that men are never to lead in the world until they become perfect. And it isn't God's logic if a woman thinks she can't follow because she thinks she is spiritually higher than her husband. Even is she is, she must follow anyway. Frankly, I don’t know any wife who is better at leading their family than her husband.


Books such as Me? Obey Him? give examples of how women have interpreted their husband’s leadership as not from God and therefore did not follow. Elizabeth Hanford counsels these women to follow even though they deeply feel their husband is acting selfishly and stupidly. When these women gave up their ideas and followed, they all discovered that things turned out well. When they judged the man (even after they had prayed about it), their marriage fell apart and when they humbly followed to what seemed ungodly decisions of their husbands, their marriage flourished.


Women can't say to their husbands, "I believe in patriarchy. I believe you are the head of our house." and then say, "You're irrational, you're unloving. God has told me you're wrong and I have to follow God, not you." God is for women following men, even if she absolutely knows she is right and he is wrong.


Who had a better case for not following her man than Sun Myung Moon’s first wife? He treated her like dirt. He abandoned her and years later when she found him, he paid her no attention. Won Pil Kim, his first disciple, even slept between them at night. Women have two ways to go. Either act like Hak Ja Han or Father’s first wife. Today, all western women, even UC sisters, follow the path of Father’s first wife’s disobedience. It is easy to side with the first wife but even she repented later.


Women must follow men in every level of life. What women think is minor is really major. Let’s look at the often used example of husband and wives fighting over the toothpaste. I say it is a major event because all disobedience is major. If the man wants toothpaste caps put back on toothpaste tubes and the water not run while she is brushing her teeth because it wastes water, then she must do it. She can't argue with him and say "I agree with Mona Charen who writes a national newspaper column and criticized Sesame Street for teaching children to not let the water run while they are brushing their teeth." Let’s reverse the situation. If the man runs the water while brushing his teeth the wife can't say, "When you leave the water running when you brush your teeth it drives me out of my mind because I'm a sensitive environmentalist. And True Father has taught us to conserve water. He doesn't even want his underwear washed everyday because it would use up too much water. I have to lecture you about Father for your own good. You can’t think you can do anything you want and I have no free will to say the deepest revelations and thoughts I have. I am moved when Father says that he doesn’t flush every time because it saves water. You are not always tuned into Father and don’t know the real meaning of subject and object. The subject serves. If you would serve me, you would not waste water and do as Father tells us to do. Sometimes you are not as tuned into Father as I am and it is my God given duty to lead you sometimes. You are an object to me also sometimes. You have to listen to me and sometimes give in to my wishes. We are partners. My feelings count too. If you command me to keep the water running then you are just Hyo Jin demanding obedience and using force to keep me from having freedom. I've been praying about this and God has told me to enlighten you on how to be a good leader. I love you and respect your leadership but I must point out your character flaws. Right now you are not yourself and not practicing Godly patriarchy. So stop running the water."


If the man then says, "If you criticize how I brush my teeth again I am going to give you a time out by putting you in a motel room for a day," she should apologize and beg for forgiveness and promise to not be arrogant and dominating again. But if she does not humble herself and if she will not leave, then he has the right from God to physically force her out the door. Our culture would not see it this way though because they are not of God. Now the woman goes ballistic and calls her sister and her church leader to get sympathy for not being respected and for her lack of freedom. This is the last thing she should do, but it is the first thing fallen women do.


God wants women to take criticism from men. The man has to take criticism from many people outside the home. Clinton gets a lot of criticism from such people as Orrin Hatch. Hillary should not say one word to him about his adultery or talk to anyone about it. In fact, she should pray for answers to how she has played a part in his deviant behavior. Nansook should have separated from Hyo Jin because he was violent. But in those situations that the man gives verbal abuse, then the wife should stay and take this verbal cruelty and pray for strength to endure and to ask God how she can serve him. She should not criticize him to anyone.


I know. You are saying, "This is sick. This is not God's way. How can she help him if she doesn't point out his flaws and errors?" Men are to get criticized from people outside of the home. No secular or weak Christian marriage counselor in America believes this. But the truth is that wives make things worse when they criticize their husbands to others –- especially their children.


Fallen nature screams out against God's divine order. Hillary is wrong when she thinks it would be sickening if she gave up her God-given free will that led her to become a Methodist and become a member of her husband's church, the Southern Baptists. She feels she is a person in her own right with her own beliefs and believes it is a sin to give up her brain. Feminists, like Hillary, mistakenly think that the Biblical wife is a clone of her husband and gives up having a personal relationship with God. To her the Southern Baptists are sick people who teach that Ephesians 5:22-23 is ungodly because Paul was wrong in saying that men rule women and women rule children.


Hillary is a stupid woman. She pays a terrible price for not following her husband in everything. Women can't pick and choose which final decisions men make any more than men can pick and choose which decisions their leaders make in the marketplace. If they do, then they will not last long with their company and because many women do not follow their husbands, they find themselves living somewhere else or with a man who has emotionally checked out.


We live in the last days. It is Sodom and Gomorrah -- a time of total insanity. God wants champions to lead Hillary and Bill out of their ignorance. Hillary is as disgusted with patriarchy as UC sisters who write to me denouncing me as a woman hater.