Women -- cause of divorce

Father has said over and over again that women are the cause of divorce. They initiate disunity. Unification will come when men stop acting like wimpy Adams and stand up to their wife’s rebellions. Women cause the battle of the sexes, but men must end it. I ask all those men who accept patriarchy and those men in the UC who have never even heard of it to join with me to teach a muscular patriarchy -- not the wimpy patriarchy of the Mormons, Southern Baptists or Promise Keepers. They are just boys playing husband. It's time for men to have the guts of Sun Myung Moon and push for an absolute standard.


Sadly, it will take a lifetime of effort but happily victory will come if men persevere. I challenge men to demand respect and stand up to feminists and wimpy men -- even the sweet well-meaning Mormons and Promise Keepers. They have another hill to climb. Do not accept anything but total harmony in your home. Your word is law and severe punishment will follow if you are not obeyed. Don't listen to the voices of Oprah, Hillary and Baptist ministers in your left ear. Hear God in your right ear saying, "Stand firm."


Demand there be no more arguments. Command your wife to shut up when she fights your final decisions. When men become real men in their homes then we will start to have real men in our government who will not turn to young immoral interns for comfort and to pacifism in the face of evil men like Fidel Castro. He has been in power for 40 years because of weak men like the Senator Orrin Hatch, a devout Mormon. Stephen Covey is another one of these weak Mormons. He is so weak that he can't even get his wife to not bloat up to 300 pounds. I saw a documentary on him. It showed a scene of his family standing in their kitchen. Dominos had delivered dinner of pizzas and everyone was laughing while standing there eating this high fat junk food. They should have been eating a low fat meal prepared by Mrs. Covey at an attractive table. Food should be prepared and served with love. Covey cannot even organize his family to accomplish this and put this on his video. And he writes a best seller on family!


It's time for no more Mr. Nice Guy. It's time to be totally politically incorrect. It's time to stand up for Sun Myung Moon's absolutes. Godism is greater than Christianity and Mormonism. It is time to stretch -- to be great -- to be strong against evil. To do this means men will be criticized severely as Father is by his own daughter.


I challenge women -- especially those who say they believe in patriarchy, to give up any notion that absolute obedience means to be a slave. Within absolute patriarchy is true freedom. This is where chivalry, joy, romance and true love will come to women. There is only poverty and pain in rebellion. Men feel romantic when women are opposite to men. The more women become leaders, the more men seek to give and get love elsewhere. I am not intimidated anymore by the anger or the tears of UC sisters who think they know better. One UC sister, a seminary graduate, told me once, "I don't like the word patriarchy. I have a relationship with God and Father too." This sister's husband heard this and within days was asking to have sex with my wife!


Sisters, give up your ideas of where you live. Countless men have not had the choice of where they live. President Truman had to live in Washington D.C. At that time the White House was being remodeled and he had to live across the street. He had no choice of where to live. His wife rebelled and didn't want to live there and spent a lot of time in a house that she liked in Missouri. Women have to give up loving their house, their mother, their children, their career, and all the other loves women have and start loving their husband and adapt to him. A woman can only grow spiritually if she follows her husband. Children will only grow up to be strong and healthy if they see her enthusiastically follow wherever he goes. Children should be taught to honor their father and not complain or get depressed if he moves them to another city or country. Helen Andelin writes in her book on children that it is best to have a stable home, but I notice that they have moved several times themselves. Historically, God's champions often move around. In fact, one of the tests for many of His champions is to uproot and move such as Moses wandering in the wilderness. It shouldn't matter to the woman where or how often a man moves or what kind of house she lives in. If the husband says in the morning they are moving to the South Pole and all he talks about is penguins then the wife must pack the bags and listen with rapt attention to his hours of talk about how fun it is to live in snow. If he changes his mind in the afternoon and says they are not going, but will live as they are, she unpacks the bags without complaint. If he again changes his mind in the evening and announces he wants to live in Arizona and study the cactus plant in a remote cabin in the desert, the wife must adapt.


Her job is to shift gears and keep the home a peaceful, harmonious refuge where the man can be energized. She keeps the house a well-oiled machine. How can a man climb to the top of the mountain if his base camp is not in order? If there is disunity in a base camp it is pointless to strive to higher peaks. A woman’s focus is to serve her husband and give up her ideas about where she lives and how her husband leads her family. She is his helper. His main focus is not serving her but serving people outside his home so he can support his family. If a man does not support his family it is usually because the woman or other women have depressed him. Wives must unite internally as well as externally. Don’t get me wrong. Men are not supposed to be waited on constantly by a bunch of sycophants in his house. He has duties to oversee the house and make sure the lawn is mowed and house painted. But he spends most of his time with his customers or his employer serving outside the home. Her job is as important as his, but there is a division of labor and women cannot treat their husband in a cavalier manner just as her husband cannot treat those above him in a cavalier manner.


Women, give up your ideas of how your husband should lead your family. Unite with his directions -– no matter how diabolical they may seem to you. Give up Satan. God is trying to tell you to unite. He loves you and wants you to have more beauty and tender romance than you can ever imagine. Stop thinking and saying bad things about your man. Never say a critical word to him or to anyone else. And I mean never. If you can't do this, then why are you with him? If you can't unite, then don't live with him. Don't create disunity in your home. If it's too hot in the kitchen, get out. Come back when you overcome your rebelliousness. Hopefully, he will still be there when you come back after getting your head together and have gotten rid of your evil spirit world. But he may not be there. This is the chance you take. There are sometimes awful consequences for disobeying leaders.


True Parents have paved the way. They are people with flesh and blood. We can be just like them -- fearless in the face of Satan's terrible storm. Pioneers have a difficult life. But we really have no choice. We have to push for the highest standard. So many have died for what freedom we have now. One million young American men are buried all around the world so that I can speak freely what women find "disgusting." They say I "hate" women. Aubrey Andelin told me he has experienced this same reaction but the truth is that he loves women (and so do I). We hate it that women act unfeminine, but we love women and want the best for them. God is behind our words. Only in order can love and growth and happiness thrive. Someday women will stop following Satan and men will stop following women. Someday women will stop being cops and go home and be quiet. Now they are aggressive and noisy. Someday women will be tamed. For that glorious day, I pledge to fight the good fight. Will you join me in this greatest of crusades?


How do we create healthy marriages and families? We do it the same way we create any healthy organization. We must follow the laws that God has made for relationships. These laws are as precise as the laws of physics. There are many books on how to build successful marriages and organizations. Because mankind is still at the adolescent level, books are at a teenage level of understanding. With Sun Myung Moon we get an adult view. We are supposed to stand on his shoulders and elaborate on how to build harmonious relationships.


Rev. Moon does not give many details on how people are to relate to each other. He also doesn’t go into detail scientifically and give the cure for cancer or the formula for nuclear fusion. It is our job to discover and teach the truth also.


The basis of Father’s teachings are that we must see things from God’s viewpoint. This means we must see that God wants unification. "Unification" is Father’s favorite word. He has achieved mixed results when it comes to unity in his own family and movement. But he has done such a monumental job that we should never criticize him if we feel he has not done everything correctly in his leadership. He is the messiah. Who are we to judge him? Do we even have all the facts to make a judgement? Father says we don’t. We must never forget that restoration is messy and sometimes central figures must do things that seem to defy logic, common sense and even morality. Jesus’ mother had to commit adultery to conceive.

Un Jin told the world on 60 minutes that Father had an illegitimate son called Sammy. She did not say who the mother is. Nansook writes in her book that Father acknowledged this child as his. Hyo Jin had told Nansook that since his Father is a philanderer then he can do it too because he is the son of the messiah. Father told Nansook that what Father did was "providential" and what Hyo Jin did was wrong. It is wrong for Hyo Jin to dominate others by simply saying he has position and not backing it up with deeds that cause others to respect him. As I have written earlier, he is the rare man who is totally possessed and no one should follow criminals like him. For the rest of mankind, it is OK to exercise their power in their position by saying, "Do as I say simply because I am your leader." Or "Mother" or "General" etc. John Rosemond writes that parents do this all the time and that is OK. Rosemond writes in his books on raising children that a mother can say "Because I told you to" all she likes. A husband has the same right to say it to her. A good mother will not take one second of disrespect or disobedience from her children. She won’t even stand for a bad attitude, whining, or depression. A man has the right and duty to call his wife on the carpet if she does the same to him. The President of the United States can demand obedience sometimes, and he does not have to give all the reasons and sometimes he doesn’t give any. That is all right. But if a leader’s decisions are consistently wrong to the point he shows he is not capable of leadership, then his followers will rebel. Judging leadership is a tricky thing though. We must always be very careful.


Judging Leaders


Even though Clinton demeaned the office of the Presidency with an affair, polls show Americans overwhelmingly feel his good points make his presidency one in which the glass is half-full – not half empty. The majority of Republicans in congress probably feel differently. Eventually they will decide. It is often difficult to judge others but we can’t go through the day without judging. We discriminate all day long. A mother may spank a child sometimes. She may force the child who is screaming and kicking into a room for a time out.


There are many books by people who tell their story and make judgments of others. There are many books on Presidents. Some are favorable. Some are not. Sometimes judgments change over time. Nixon is now seen as a bad president. Father said he was a good president and told America to forgive him and then unite. He was for Reagan and against Carter.


Reagan was criticized by his daughter Patti who rebelled against her parents –- even posing nude in Playboy magazine. She sided with Jane Fonda on liberal issues. She blasted her mother just as Nansook blasted her mother-in-law. From God’s viewpoint Reagan had a great mission to end communism during his presidency. His wife, Nancy, followed him and supported his very public career. It would be easy to side with Patti and say Nancy is a cold bitch. It is easy to criticize Hak Ja Han for being a bad mother. But we have to see things from God’s viewpoint. Communism killed 150 million people. God needed strong leaders to crush it. Leaders can’t always do right in every area of life. Sometimes they have to love the world more than their family and sacrifice their family for the war. Patti should have done as her sister Maureen did, and join the Republican cause. Her brother Michael shouldn’t be so down on his step-mother. Mrs. Reagan was right in focusing more on her husband than on her children.


This transition period is a terrible time. Everyone feels they are doing their best and everyone has their own interpretation of how well others are doing. But men’s interpretations must take priority over women’s views.


Father teaches us that by knowing the Principle and reading his words we can discern what is good and what is evil. Sadly, his followers have been unable to really understand him. This is why only a few thousand have joined in America after he has lived here for 25 years and spoken countless hours to members. Satan fogs up everyone’s minds -- even those who have advanced spiritually enough to take the time to hear the Principle and then accept it.


The most fundamental error Unificationists have made is their complete misunderstanding of subject and object. They cannot see that this is a leader/follower relationship and men lead women. Sisters in the UC haven’t got a clue when it comes to seeing that they do not have equal power with men. Men are the bosses; women are the employees. Men are the presidents; women are the vice-presidents. Men are the generals; women are the colonels. Men are the coaches; women are the assistant coaches. Men are the judges; women are the lawyers. Women wrongly think they can speak casually to men and about men.


To help understand the relationship between husbands and wives, lets use an analogy. Let's compare a man to a judge and a woman to a lawyer in a courtroom. The judge and the lawyer have equal value as human beings but do not share equal power in their relationship. The Judge listens to the lawyer and men are to listen to their wives. But men, like judges, have to make final decisions and if the woman does not she is held in contempt. A Judge will bang the gavel and demand obedience. The man cannot force a wife to obey, but he should have the right to use the force of police to force her out of his house if he feels she is being disrespectful but refuses to leave. That does not exist today. Our culture would probably side with the woman if a man called the police for such a politically incorrect stand.


Women see themselves as lawyers and men as lawyers and they can argue forever. The four position foundation diagram is limited. It does not take into account that the man has superior power. He is in a vertical relationship and like a judge must be obeyed. Sometimes Judges listen a lot, sometimes they don't. When lawyers or anyone speaks to a judge they must not be casual and must speak humbly. Women haven't got a clue that these are the real dynamics of their relationship with men and, of course, men don't know either.


Satan’s way is rebellion -– a disrespect for those in authority. Women have no respect for men. And men have no respect for themselves. This is why they gave women the vote and now men and women vote to destroy the Constitution and lifestyle of the founding fathers.


Women are everything from cops to the Attorney General of the United States. The atmosphere of confusion is so great that even Unificationists cannot rise above it. They are digested by our culture as much as anyone else. Name me one voice you hear that strongly speaks out against women leading men? You can’t. I am a voice crying in the wilderness. I have been able to only convince my sons that I am right. They treat me with respect. No one else does. Someday what I write will be understood as clearly as the belief that the earth is round. I thank God that I have the freedom to even write what I have. What I write upsets people -– especially women because the truth hurts.


Henpecked sissies


The world is upside down. Men are henpecked sissies who can’t command respect in their homes or respect from international despots like Castro. Judges let monsters out of jail to rape again. Men eat the crap women dish up for breakfast, lunch and dinner and die an agonizing death of heart disease, cancer, diabetes, osteoporosis, etc. because women could care less about their sacred duty to be a good housewife. Name me one woman who can even do the simple task of feeding her man correctly? I can’t. Women kill men with sausage and cake and they kill them with their general disaffected attitude toward male authority.


Name me one woman that meekly follows her husband wherever he goes. If any man wants to move, his wife will probably go ballistic. And if he stands firm, she will go into a depression and nag and cry until the whole family will give in just to make their home livable. Women were created to adapt to their husbands. If he wakes up one morning and gets a vision of saving souls in an African village where it is always 100 degrees and no electricity, the wife will go nuts. Name me one woman you know who wouldn’t go crazy if her husband did this.


Can you name me one woman who is as close to Reagan as George Bush was when he was vice-president? When Bush ran for the Presidency the year Reagan did, he criticized Reagan’s economic plan severely. Later when he was appointed Vice-President, he was asked about his difference with Reagan. Bush said that nobody will ever see "light" between him and the President. And no one ever did.


Shouldn’t marriages be even closer than the President and the Vice-President? Vice-President Mondale said that he disagreed with President Carter’s decision to not let America go to the Olympics when the Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan. Did anyone hear that? No. He and Carter always showed unity. He gave up his ideas and served his President. Name me one woman who can say there is no light between her and her husband.


The only reason there are arguments and tension in homes is because wives don’t unite. How can there be love and success without unity? America’s homes are devastated because women expect romance after they disagree with their husband’s decisions.


Women think they can have their cake and eat it too. Satan whispers in their ears that they are slaves and their husband is an evil plantation owner. Men and women must understand that unity must come first. America is focused on romantic feelings. This usually leads to pre-marital sex and then a short marriage. Those marriages that do last are usually pathetic.


Marriage is as serious as a partnership in business. Look at the military. What is the relationship of a seaman on a submarine to his commanding officer (CO)? How does he treat the CO? Of course, he never argues with his superior. He does as he is told –- no matter how demeaning the tone or stupid the direction he feels it is he is given. What would our armed forces be like if lower ranked personnel treated their superiors the way women treat men in homes? It is unthinkable for a private to raise his voice at a Sergeant. Yet women have become feminists who denounce male leadership and treat men in a cavalier manner all day long. Women yell at their husbands all the time. They should never raise their voice to their husband just as no one should raise their voice to an authority figure. And now women have infiltrated the military and weakened its spirit.


Because women have become disobedient we see young people do the same. There was little divorce in the 19th century because women would receive severe punishment if they rebelled. If she divorced, she lost the children. Today men are weak and give the children to women after a divorce. Women feel they don’t need men. They feel they can live independently, and if they can’t then Uncle Sam will give them a house and food stamps. Women have no shame in taking welfare.


Power has shifted from men to women and big government. God’s way is completely different from this world’s way. God’s way is seen as arrogant and mean. Men need to stand up for order. They must take the screams and lectures and depression of women as well as a duck takes to water and not let it get to them. Men should never hit a woman physically, but they must demand respect for their position. Women will join the workplace and treat their men bosses with more respect than they do to their husbands. Criticizing a boss is a heavy thing to do.


Husband is like any boss


Let’s give some examples to make the point that men are the boss of their house and are not treated as some boss a woman may have in the marketplace. A woman goes to work at a fast food restaurant. The manager orders her around all day long. He may not even say "please" every time he gives a command. He may not even say it in a nice tone. If he says, "Soak some beans and then cook them when they are ready. We need it for tomorrow." She will do as she is told. What if her husband said the same thing in her kitchen that night when she got home? What if she answered, "No. I want to use up the leftovers and save the beans for another time. Also I don’t feel like doing it right now. I have some things I have to do, and I haven’t got time to do a lot of cooking right now." And then she walks off. What would happen to the woman if she had said that to her boss a few hours before? She would probably get fired. Can a husband fire a wife? With a 50 percent divorce rate, men are firing women, and women are firing men by kicking each other out of the house by the millions. Something is wrong on a massive scale.


An employee speaks carefully to a boss, even if they know they are right. Women routinely treat men in their homes completely wrong. If a man explodes at a woman she goes ballistic. If he ignores her when she disobeys or ignores her for the sake of peace and tranquility in the home, then he builds up resentment. If he tries to talk to her about it in a calm manner, she lectures him about how she needs her space and can’t be criticized. And then women will retaliate by criticizing men for how they are poor followers to their leaders. Men can’t win with women. It is always win/lose, not win/win.


Women think they can freely invite the next door neighbor over for coffee and criticize her husband. They freely criticize their husbands to their children to get support. She only digs her grave deeper when she mutinies and tries to enlist support from others. Women today are like the stupid woman in Proverbs who destroys her home.


Sadly government has now interfered with men leading the home and men leading in the marketplace. Feminists have got judges to give children to women in divorce and to make unions and other ridiculous people have the power to fine business leaders and even worse to force businesses to take people back who strike and are rebellious. There is a war against authority. Recently, I saw a pathetic sight. Picketers were outside a business. Their grievance was that they were "forced" to take overtime. Their union made signs that said, "overtime is not family time." I knew one of the picketers. He lived in government housing and should be working overtime. Business leaders cannot hire and fire as they wish anymore. Why? Because of bitchy feminists who see abuse everywhere. To a feminist, force is anyone doing what they don’t like. If a boss wants to fire someone because an employee explodes in anger and throw things, feminists say he must be patient and keep this person around. To kick the employee out would be "force" and therefore they are entitled to get the police to use real "force" to make the owner be a loving, kind and good supervisor. Men don’t stand up to women because the state will side with the woman. Men are bad. Women are good. All women now see themselves as victims and this nonsense is now the ideology of our government. One of the most dramatic examples of the disrespect for authority is the professional basketball player, Latrell Sprewell, who choked his coach during a game in rage for a call made. The coach fired him. The player sued and some wimpy judge forced the coach to take him back.


People haven’t got a clue today how "force" should be used. They won’t use force against Castro but they will force a business to pay millions to a stupid woman who puts hot coffee in her groin area as she pulls away from a fast food restaurant, gets burned because of her own foolishness, and then blames the evil capitalist who has hurt her and sues them for millions of dollars. Then feminized juries award the stupid woman the money.


Disobedience to authority must be punished. If an employee yells at a boss and the boss doesn’t like it, the boss has the right to kick the person out -- forever if he wants. Marriages are to be eternal and employer/employee relationships are not. Still, the husband has the right and even duty to separate from the wife for insubordination, but they should not divorce. Legally people can divorce. Morally, I don’t think they ever should, especially if there are children. Time will heal all wounds. We all make mistakes and in time we will all be perfect and can begin the process of forgetting past sins and crimes -– no matter how bad -– even murder and incest.




Still, people are going to divorce until mankind grows up. But we should always counsel separation, not divorce. Couples should separate if they fight verbally. Separation should not be limited to only physical abuse. Separation is better than staying together and fighting. A home is a refuge and must be kept a sacred place. Women should be the ones to leave. They should be the ones to stay at a motel, get an apartment, or move in with family or friends. Unless the man is the rare man who is violent or severely deviant, the man takes priority. Today society sides with women, but it is women who are the cause of the fights in the terrible battle of the sexes. Some glorious day women will not only go back home but really be in the home as a feminine spirit instead of a competitor of their man.