On the topic of patriarchy, I take issue with some statements Rev. Moon and some of his followers make. I believe that Rev. Moon is the Messiah and that his followers are often correct in how to live a principled life. But I do not think that every word they write is true, and they probably do not think that every word I write is true. Does anyone believe every single thing another person believes?

In the future ideal world every person will believe in all basic values. For example, every person will believe in the Divine Principle. I believe they will interpret the concept of subject and object between husband and wife as I explain it and not as some in the Unification movement do. I take the teaching that men and women are different to its logical conclusion. Just as there is "absolute sex" in that there is an absolute value of moral purity, I believe that there are absolute differences between men and women.

Some statements in UC literature make the differences shades of gray; I see the differences as black and white. I don't believe you can be a little bit feminist anymore than you can be a little bit of a virgin. There are absolute roles for men and women and if people try to fool mother nature, they will suffer. America has suffered because it has embraced feminist thought.

Aubrey and Helen Andelin write of the deep differences between masculinity and femininity. Men lead, provide and protect women. Women's sphere is the home where she works to care for her husband, children and grandparents. The man battles it out in the marketplace and battlefield. He is chivalrous and keeps the woman from having to fight and compete.

I believe I am correct in making the worlds of men and women opposite because opposites attract. Men and women are to complement each other, and they should never compete with each other. The 20th century has been totally dominated by feminism and it is easy for the UC to become digested by our culture that is completely opposite of centuries before that were more in line with Biblical families. Compare the feminist family of the Clinton's with the traditional family of George Washington and the other men on Mt. Rushmore.

Rev. Moon is overwhelmingly anti-feminist, but occasionally he has made a few feminist statements that have confused his followers and led to them making some weak statements about the nature of men and women. In a speech on January 3, 2000 he said, "it is time to encourage more women to run for office."

"... the number of male candidates should be balanced by the number of female candidates. So far, there has been an imbalance here, and we should have balance from now. Many countries have two legislative houses, but giving more equal voice to both men and women will create a unification house. Through the unification house we can build the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. ... In the future we need congresswomen, eventually even a woman president."

I am uncomfortable in disagreeing with him, but he says we are to stand on his shoulders and go beyond. I don't know why he said this. It makes no sense when you read his many statements about how women are to follow men. The proof of the pudding is in the eating. At the beginning of his speech we read, "How many leaders are here? (Rev. Hwang: the total is 800 leaders, including western, Korean and Japanese.) All sisters, raise your hands. (Not many.)" How many women leaders have there been in the 40 years of the UC in America? Very few. A tiny percent. How many women has he make president of the UC. None. How many regional leaders were women in the audience during this speech? None. The most dramatic lesson to learn is that for providential reasons he kept True Mother out of home much of their marriage and what happened to their children? Scandals and betrayal. Even the messiah cannot fool mother nature. Father is messiah. He brought the Divine Principle and took the role of True Parents. But he is not God and sometimes he is wrong. He often comments that his own inner circle of Korean disciples have disagreed on tactics and policy.

The main reason I disagree that women should be in politics and therefore leaders over men is that it simply doesn't work. God's laws are laws of common sense. Within God's rules we can have order and love. Outside of God's boundaries we have chaos and disunity. I hope to give some good reasons in the following pages to make my point. Those who disagree with me have so far not written in very much depth.

Let's look at what some members have written on this topic.

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