Omega 3

Fish have an amazing substance called omega 3. Don't worry about the fat in the fish (unless you deep fat fry it). The omega 3 counteracts it. Bon appetite!

Father & Mother fishing

Health Dangers

There are so many dangers in this world to our health.  Satan attacks in countless ways.  He imprisons people in obese, diseased, pain-ridden bodies from the misuse of food as we have discussed.  He also attacks us by making the world unsafe in many other ways.  For example, he pollutes this world with so many toxic chemicals that no one can escape.  There is formaldahyde in carpeting and other areas of homes that may cause sickness.  Indoor pollution may be even worse than the smog and pollution in the air outside our homes.

Alternative Medicine

Sadly, we cannot trust the established experts to tell us how to live correctly and how to heal ourselves.  There are many books, for example, on alternative health care.  These books teach that the so-called "normal" and respected medical doctors are really quacks many times.  One of the most famous critics of the medical profession is Dr. Mendelshon.  He has interesting books like Confessions of a Medical Heretic.


Cars with safety beams

There are many areas about the physical world to write about but I want to end with an aspect of safety that I hope the world will adopt. Satan's tactic is to create an unsafe world. Safety is from God. One of the main ways Satan has killed and maimed people is through automobile accidents. We are all touched by the tragedy of fallen men who engineer these deathtraps. Father's son died in a car. Many race car drivers have survived worse accidents than Hyung Jin's. All race cars have beams throughout the interior to protect the driver if he is hit. The average car has practically no protection if hit. I knew a man who was a scout leader for my boys. He had taken some of the boys in his troop in his van to a scout function. He was traveling down the interstate and for some reason a woman crossed over the grassy area and hit him in front. He was killed instantly and the rest were hurt. I believe he probably would have lived if there had been a simple protective beam in the front of his vehicle. I'm not advocating beams or metal bars that look like those in race cars which are so obvious and simple that the drivers have to enter through a window that has no glass. Beams can be welded throughout that don't get in the way but will keep the passengers safe in a protective cage. I hope when we build our Panda car we will have 100 times the protection than the Volvo has. I'm not holding my breath. Ask someone what they would think if you told them to weld beams inside their cars for protection. They would say you are extreme. It wouldn't be pretty. It would be focusing on death and negativity. Our houses have air pollution and dangerous chemicals. Everything fallen man does is insanity. That's why they killed one messiah and tried to kill the other.

Peace of Mind

Isn't peace of mind the essential factor of a healthy person? Our minds must rule our body. We should mentally focus on moving our bodies to do the right things. We should have the goal of living a life filled with true love. We need to live in families that love each other and we need to live in communities where we have the love and support of neighbors.


As we learned in the chapter titled Pals, the best place would be a cohousing community. Also, these communities help us because we would live closer to nature. There would be lots of space to grow a garden and a person would have others to do it with.  One reason people pig out on ice cream is because they are lonely.  They are stressed out.  Working in the earth and eating home grown organic carrots has got to help give people more peace of mind. 



We should grow to the point that we master our emotions. One of the worst emotions is that of anger. It is a useless and dangerous emotion. It can even make a person sick and in extreme cases cause death.


We should also not have irrational fear. One of the most important things is to understand that God exists and their is hope for an eternal life. Larry Dossey has written some interesting books on prayer in which he teaches that it can heal our physical bodies. An interesting book on the spirit world is by Anthony Borgia.


When we pray it becomes the most powerful when we pray in True Parent's names. When Father came to America he spoke in every state on a Day of Hope campaign. If we want to have maximum health we need to have hope. Father teaches that God will eventually rule. There is a by-product to working for the messiah. Having a mission makes us healthier. We have the greatest goal in history to achieve. Let's join together to build the ideal world. Many have broken their health in working for God, but God's desire is that we both work very hard and also have good health. The trick is to be a workaholic and not become an unhealthy type A personality that cannot find balance in life.

True Parents

Father loves technology and organic food

In the ideal world people will not have to work as hard as we do to be financially successful. Father explains: "With improved social and political systems, people will not have to work so hard in the future; machines will do the job." They will "need to work only a few hours." What will they do with all that free time? They will "spend more time traveling, sightseeing and doing good deeds." Father is in love with technology. He sees that things are spiritual too. He constantly talks about computers and how education is being revolutionized by cable television. Father is practical and earthy. He doesn't just focus on ideology and the mind. He is down to earth. For example, he says we should eat "fresh, healthy foods .... If we want to stay healthy throughout our life span, we need to eat vegetable fresh from the earth. Agricultural chemicals and radiation are killing people." So be a good Unificationist and eat your organic vegetables that you bought from the liberal environmentalists who run the co-op or eat what you raised in your organic garden. I hope those who buy food for True Parents buy organic food and keep True Parents from eating fatty foods. Robert Schuller, America's longest running preacher on TV, mentions in his sermons that he does not eat fatty foods. If we are going to be superior Father Teachingto him we have to eat not only low-fat food, but organic low-fat as well.

Ideal World

In conclusion, the most important thing we can do to make this world healthy is to build the ideal world. Rev. and Mrs. Moon have given us the vision and tools to build it. Because this world is one of disunity between everything from mind and body, husbands and wives, and between nations, mankind has never known perfect physical, mental, and spiritual health. Humbling ourselves to the teachings of the messiah is the greatest move we can make to heal this world.

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